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Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Canvas commissions,Tattoo Design,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

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kate mccabe


| 30-Jul-2022

Anya was amazing to work with and developed a concept with us that spoke to our history and community. She completed the work in a timely way and community members gave her a big thumbs up!


Kieran Nair


| 19-May-2022

Anya helped us create a beautiful mural in our backyard. She took our feedback for our nature inspired scenery request and made multiple adjustments to find the perfect design. Anya was very flexible with the weather and ensured that the final artwork was perfect! We highly recommend using Anya for any mural or graffiti artwork

Anya is a Toronto-born multidisciplinary artist who combines her fine art background with raw material grit in both private and public sectors creating mixed-media installations, mural work and facilitating community art activations. The artist's approach to mediums includes latex, aerosol and upcycled waste while working with the mechanical application of spray and the energy of hand brushed strokes. A Queen’s University graduate, Anya’s worked with various organizations, municipalities and businesses creating public art within communities around Toronto and internationally. Recently her murals have taken her across Canada, to Europe and South America and her 2021 season, saw Anya cover more than 6,666 square feet in paint! Her corporate projects have included lead production on HideSeek, a 7000sq foot immersive art experience in Toronto in 2019 and collaborations with BACARDI, QUO Makeup, Moroccanoil, DELL, RBC, 1800GOTJUNK and Chevrolet. Her commitment to her practice especially when aligned with public spaces is to create with purpose and intention by weaving in narratives steeped in inspiration, pride and sustainability.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Pick me for these projects! :-

Outdoor, public-facing mural projects get me going, collaborating with like-minded creatives and brands interested in sustainability, the environment or overarching badassery. Projects that get me going are ones that challenge me and ask me to step outside my comfort zone (or projects in community gardens, parks and farms! love being close to nature). I'm excited to assist other muralists on XL projects also well, where I can expand my experience scaling my work and grow in within project management insight and efficiency.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Projects that are not aligned with my aesthetic and ones I would not include in my portfolio work.

Welcome Home Mural for Pacific Resources Community Society
Resin Face - Personal Experiment
Toronto Skyline for 1-800-GOTJUNK
Locals - 20 x 19 - 2021
Fight Club Skateboard Deck
PPE Material Piece for BC Childrens Hospital Foundation
Proudly Together - 30 x 40 - 2021
Birthday Commission
You Are Loved - 23 x 165 - 2021
QUO Cosmetic Portrait out of Makeup
The Runnymede Underpass Project - 2021
Family Day Live Painting
Creative Minds Early Learning Centre
Brushes with Cancer Portrait
Two-Spirited - 13 x 17 - 2021
Larry the Cat Gift
David Bowie Commission
Amy Winehouse Commission
Emilia Birthday Commission
Blue Crush
Pursuit of Happiness
Go Ahead


Working at Heights,   WHIMS,   Project Manager,   Lead Artist,   Assistant Artist,   Project Manager



The Artist Project 2015,   2017 and 2019.

Worked with the following major brands:

DELL,   QUO Cosmetics,   Moroccan Oil,   1-800-GOTJUNK,   Chevrolet,   New Balance,   David Suzuki Foundation,   Collective Arts Brewing,   Bacardi,   The City of Toronto,   The City of Mississauga,   The City of Richmondhill,   The City of Red Deer

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