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Hobart, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 500

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

Workshops,Interviews,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Live painting events,Tattoo Design
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Australian animals Christmas gift tags
Seniors Week 2020 Diemen Design Award for Best illustration 2020
30 days of Australian Birds
Teal Magnolias - surface pattern design for Mamma Belle
Marion Book An Artist


Orford, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 500

Pick me for:

Ones with stories
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Blossoming Lanterns
Golden waterfall
Golden waterfall
Haritha Velassini Book An Artist

Haritha Velassini

Hobart, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 100

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Canvas commissions,Live painting events,Interviews,Workshops,Online Workshop,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Tattoo Design
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Hand painted illustration
Hand painted illustration
Hand painted illustration
Hand painted illustration
Benjamin  Book An Artist


Shire of Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 1860

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

Interviews,Live painting events,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Pick me for:

Almost every job excites me, I love my art and I love creating, so when someone hits me up with the same love for my art, fuck, I'm like a child on Christmas.
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Delvi Sessions
Pholklore Geelong
Black Brewing Co
Freaky Tiki
Andrea Book An Artist


Balnarring, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 100

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The Void
Peachy babe
My dear
Rose Pose
Jessie Belle Book An Artist

Jessie Belle

Mount Eliza, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 450

Pick me for:

My passion is character design, give me a brief and I will bring your character to life.
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Front Page
Daffodil Faerie
Emily with butterflies
Emily thinking in a tree
Tams Book An Artist


Heyfield, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 400

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Canvas commissions
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Show Me
Inner Hum
Careless Wrap
Falling Stars
Fausto Book An Artist


Berwick, Australia



Pricing starts at $ 800

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Pick me for:

Jobs that allow me to take creative reins. I love to create awesome characters, the quirkier the better. Love pop culture references too.
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City of Melbourne Wrapping Paper
City of Melbourne Wrapping paper
Concrete Jungle
City of Yokai fabric pattern

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find illustrators in Launceston?

There are multiple ways to find talented illustrators in Launceston. The most efficient way is to use a marketplace such as Book An Artist. Using the artist filter you are able to select your country followed by the city and the type of illustrator you are after. Searching for the perfect illustrator can take time, by using the platform you can avoid seeking out illustrators individually. Connect with multiple artists or ‘Post a Job’ and allow illustrators to introduce themselves to you via your Buyer Panel.

How do I hire illustrator Launceston?

Hiring an illustrator in Launceston is easy! No more time wasted Googling ‘Illustration Launceston’. Simply use our filtered marketplace to browse through illustrators near you. Once you’ve selected 1 – 3 illustration artists in Launceston you can send them a message. No one likes their time wasted so it is important you provide as much information as possible. Sizing, budget, design elements, deadlines, etc. The more your chosen illustrator knows, the easier it is to get the job done and the quote finalised. Alternatively, use our ‘Post a Job’ feature to offer your project to interested illustrators. Provide the same in-depth information and wait for the right artist to come to you. The deposit initiates the design process!

Who is the most famous illustrator in the world?

The ‘Godfather’ of illustration and one of the most influential illustrators of all time, Charles M. Schultz. Creator of the famed daily comic strips ‘Peanuts’, Schultz illustrated and authored over 18,0000 strips in 50 years. He refused assistance and created a new comic strip daily. His one day’s break was the celebrate his 75th birthday. Illustration work has expanded outside of comic strips and into the world of digital design. Illustrators to hire create stand-alone art used for promotional materials, pamphlets, posters, children’s books and more. If you need assistance connecting with an illustrator reach out to one of our friendly team members via
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Illustrators for Hire Launceston

Launceston illustrators, much like illustrators from other parts of Australia, specialise in a specific niche of artwork. An illustrator for hire is a person who creates two-dimensional images for various creative reasons. Some illustrators work alongside large brands or magazines. Others create artwork for children's books or medical manuals. Typical Launceston illustrators will choose an area they excel in and focus their talents on that artistic niche. Digital artists can design artwork specific to businesses websites embodying the theme or aesthetic of a company. Despite how many illustrators to hire there are, there will always be demand. New products, businesses, books, brands and ideas are consistently being formed. These concepts need design, making "Launceston illustrators for hire near me" quite the popular Google search.