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Barcelona, Spain

Pricing starts at € 200

I do not mind replicating an existing design

Interviews,Live painting events,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Workshops

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Los trabajos de gran formato. Las grandes superficies. Medianeras de edificios, fachadas, interiores o incluso suelos de pistas de deporte. Disfruto cuando mis trabajos mantienen la esencia de mi estilo, siempre teniendo en consideración las necesidades del cliente.
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System Fail
Cyber Dreams
Cyber Romance
Superman vs Clark Kent
Manuel Book An Artist


Barcelona, Spain

Pricing starts at € 299

I do not mind replicating an existing design

Live painting events,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Canvas commissions,Interviews,Tattoo Design
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The Seed
Abstract Temple
Paper Temple
Bublegum Book An Artist


Barcelona, Spain

Pricing starts at € 800

I do not mind replicating an existing design

Live painting events,Tattoo Design,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals
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Free mural
Smoking caramel
Anna Gabriella Book An Artist

Anna Gabriella

Barcelona, Spain



Pricing starts at € 100

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Online Workshop,Tattoo Design
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Love at the first time
Barna South
Crey Book An Artist


Barcelona, Spain

Pricing starts at € 150

I do not mind replicating an existing design

Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Tattoo Design
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Tiger and the jellies
Colorful and life
Mediterranean vegetation Chumberas y pitas
Prickly pear canvas

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Barcelona graffiti artists called?

Graffiti artists in Barcelona can have a range of varying titles depending on their experience or career. Graffiti artists were originally called ‘writers’ or ‘taggers’ as they wrote stylised versions of their aliases or ‘tag names’ with an aim to tag hard to reach places. Graffiti artists Barcelona are now referred to as Barcelona street artists or mural artists depending on their area of expertise. Street art in Barcelona is now commissioned by people, brands and businesses with the aim to use art for beautification and promotion.

Where can I find Famous street art in Barcelona?

There is plenty of mural and street art in Barcelona. Use local graffiti tours or a street art Barcelona map to seek out some of the most popular designs street art Barcelona has to offer. Should you stumble upon a project commissioned through Book An Artist, we’d love to see it! Take a quick snap and tag us on social media, we’ll be sure to reshare your selfie!

How much does it cost to hire graffiti artist in Barcelona?

Barcelona murals range in prices depending on size, location and the experience of the artists. Mural artists in Barcelona set their own rates per project. It is difficult to give an exact number as there are many elements that go into creating a quote. A rough estimate might be 50 – 300 per square metre. But, the best way to get a price for your project is to either connect with street artists who paint Barcelona wall murals on the platform or post your job. We encourage preparing a budget and knowing the width and height of your wall for speedy replies!

Why should I commission murals in Barcelona?

1. Murals create community. They create vibrant neighbourhoods that people want to visit, take care of and live in. 2. Unique marketing tactic. Murals can be custom designed to reflect your business or brand. 3. Timeless masterpieces. Murals last longer than wallpaper and our artists are ready to touch-up when needed.
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Murals & Graffiti Artists Barcelona for Hire 

Barcelona, a city in Catalonia, Spain, has a vibrant and diverse street art scene that includes mural art. The city has a long history of mural art, dating back to the early 20th century, and has since become known for its high-quality and diverse mural art.

Mural art in Barcelona is diverse, with works ranging from highly detailed, large-scale murals to smaller, more simplistic designs. Some of the most notable mural artworks in Barcelona can be found in the El Raval neighborhood, which is known for its colorful mural art and street art. The El Raval neighborhood features the "Macba" an outdoor gallery that features mural artworks from local and international artists, it has become a popular destination for street art enthusiasts, and it is considered to be one of the most important mural projects in Barcelona.

Another well-known mural art destination in Barcelona is the "Poblenou" neighborhood, which is known for its large-scale mural art that reflect the neighborhoods diverse culture and history. The Poblenou mural scene is home to many famous mural artists that have marked the Barcelona mural scene. Some of the most notable works can be seen on buildings such as "Poblenou Cemetery" or "Parc Central del Poblenou".

Mural art in Barcelona is also recognized for its cultural and historic significance, including the depiction of the city's multicultural heritage, as well as social and political issues that reflect the current society. Some mural artists in Barcelona use their art as a form of political and social commentary, to raise awareness on issues such as poverty, immigration, and racism.