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Professional Graffiti Artists, Mural Artists & Street Artists for hire in Antwerp on Book An Artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are art commissions?

Commissioning art involves connecting with an artist to create a custom piece of artwork. You, as the client, will provide the artist with your ideas and they will work with you to create a design. Choosing the best street artists in Antwerp is based off what kind of graffiti art you need. If the project is based off a strict criterion its best to commission an artist with a flexible style. Alternatively, select and artist based off of their style and allow them to take the reins. Allowing an Antwerp mural artists to do what they do is the best way to achieve the best result!

Is graffiti art or vandalism?

Graffiti art has a long history of being misunderstood. While it began as illegally tagging private property, modern artists use their powers for good not destruction. The defining word isn’t ‘graffiti’ but it is ‘art’. Graffiti art and street art is completely different to graffiti tags. Tagging is often impulsive and found on fences, trains and alleyways. Graffiti art, especially modern graffiti art, is often commissioned, planned and executed professionally. Street art has transformed Antwerp’s city streets into an immersive art museum.

Who are the famous street and graffiti artists in Antwerp?

Unlike celebrities or well-known local stars there is a level of anonymity to street art. Before mural art in Antwerp became popularised, graffiti was condemned to be a nuisance. Furthermore, globally, graffiti art is still frowned upon in some locations. The result of a need to hide one’s identity bread nicknames or ‘tag’ names. Many mural artists who work for large scale brands and businesses still prefer to keep their true identity relatively under wraps. Famous Antwerp mural artists can be found through a little investigative work. Some of Antwerp’s most famous graffiti artists can be booked through the Book An Artist platform. Others strictly work for large corporations and are unable to be hired by small businesses or home owners.

How much should an artist charge for street artist in Antwerp?

There is no exact number that can cover all Antwerp mural artists. Hiring an artist in Antwerp can range from 50 – 300EUR per square metre depending on a range of elements. Much like any freelance professional, an experienced artist may charge more than a beginner artist. The style and design of the mural also comes into play. We recommend messaging an artist directly with questions surrounding pricing and budget. Should the artist be unable to complete the project within your budget, we will help you find another artist for the job! Alternatively, some artists are willing to make changes to the design to fit your price range.
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Murals & Graffiti Artists for Hire Antwerp

Antwerp is a beloved city in Belgium and the capital of Antwerp province in the Flemish Region. Antwerp is the second-largest metropolitan region after Brussels (also a fantastic place to find local street artists). The city is known for its diamond industry trade. 84% of the world's mined diamonds end up in Antwerp. But, we at Book An Artist know something even more precious than a glimmering diamond.A customised mural in Antwerp is a personal way to share your colour and creativity with the world. Mural artists in Antwerp are talented and passionate when it comes to creating cool and unique artwork. They are perfectly capable of taking a small idea and turning it into something unreal. Antwerp's art history is rich and full of gems. The most influential of Flemish painters was Rubens. Famous for his Baroque styled paintings, Rubens home is now a key Antwerp landmark for tourists and locals. Antwerp's art scene has been described as "inclusive, supportive and genuine" due to the generational appreciation and support of progress. The love and admiration for both old and new techniques allow local Antwerp artists to take on bold challenges and creative risks.

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