Professional Graffiti Artists, Mural Artists & Street Artists for hire in Brussels on Book An Artist.

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Professional Graffiti Artists, Mural Artists & Street Artists for hire in Brussels on Book An Artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best street artists in Brussels?

Some of the best graffiti artists in Brussels are new to the scene. Beauty, and art, is in the eye of the beholder. Book An Artist provides the opportunity to connect with artists of all skill levels, styles and experiences. We have created a platform that allows equal opportunity to artists who don’t have large social media platforms. The best Brussels mural artists are the ones you see fit for the job! If you need assistance connecting with Brussels street artists reach out to one of our friendly team members via

How much does it cost to hire Brussels street artist?

Brussels mural artists range in prices depending on size, location and the experience of the artists. Mural artists in Brussels set their own rates per project. It is difficult to give an exact number as there are many elements that go into creating a quote. A rough estimate might be 50 – 300EUR per square metre. But, the best way to get a price for your project is to either connect with Brussels street artists on the platform or post your job. We encourage preparing a budget and knowing the width and height of your wall for speedy replies!

Where can I hire Brussels mural artist?

We recommend using a marketplace such as Book An Artist to hire graffiti artist in Brussels as we offer insurance and a list of pre-vetted local artists. Artists can be hired from anywhere, if there is an artist in another city whose work you adore – why not buy a canvas painting? Should your funds allow it, ask the artist to travel. Many local artists are flexible with location and are happy to travel for exciting projects. Don’t just stop at your walls, Brussels street artists are available for live mural painting or workshops. A unique way to get involved with creating art amongst the professionals.

Why should I get a mural painted?

1. Murals create community. They create vibrant neighbourhoods that people want to visit, take care of and live in. 2. Unique marketing tactic. Murals can be custom designed to reflect your business or brand. 3. Timeless masterpieces. Murals last longer than wallpaper and our artists are ready to touch-up when needed.
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Murals & Graffiti Artists for Hire Brussels

Not to be confused with the green sprouts, Belgium's capital, Brussels, is a beautiful, colourful, pleasant smelling location. Brussels is the most densely populated and the richest region in Belgium. It's humble days began as a small rural settlement on the river Senne. Brussels is now considered to be one of the top essential city-regions in Europe. The Brussels weather can often be grey and humid, but maximum temperatures rarely push into scorching heats. The bright colours of graffiti and street art in Brussels compliment the cooler temperatures and easy-going environment. The many boroughs within Brussels are full of many unique murals and graffiti art. Local Brussels artists are capable of painting and creating custom artwork. The fantastic street art scene has transformed Brussels into a gallery and open-air museum. Take Brussels home with you and invest in a backyard, bedroom or living room mural to bring some of Brussels' best street art to your haven. Brussels' residents are constantly looking to redesign their space – blending into the background is simply not acceptable. Gyms, pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys, schools, co-working spaces are ideal for mural painting.

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