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Professional Graffiti Artists, Mural Artists & Street Artists for hire in Hobart on Book An Artist.


Yarram, Australia



Pricing starts at $ 2000

(I can replicate designs if it suits my style)

Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Canvas commissions


Excellent to work with and wonderful art output! Thank you Lautaro
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best mural artists in Hobart?

Some of the best street artists in Hobart are new to the scene. Beauty, and art, is in the eye of the beholder. Book An Artist provides the opportunity to connect with artists of all skill levels, styles and experiences. We have created a platform that allows equal opportunity to artists who don’t have large social media platforms. The best Hobart mural artists are the ones you see fit for the job! If you need assistance connecting with Hobart street artists reach out to one of our friendly team members via

How much should an artist charge for street art in Hobart?

There is no exact number that can cover all Hobart mural artists. Hiring an artist in Hobart can range from 50AUD – 300AUD per square metre depending on a range of elements. Much like any freelance professional, an experienced artist may charge more than a beginner artist. The style and design of the mural also comes into play. We recommend messaging an artist directly with questions surrounding pricing and budget. Should the artist be unable to complete the project within your budget, we will help you find another artist for the job! Alternatively, some artists are willing to make changes to the design to fit your price range.

Where can I hire mural painters?

We recommend using a marketplace such as Book An Artist to hire wall painters in Hobart as we offer insurance and a list of pre-vetted local artists. Artists can be hired from anywhere, if there is an artist in another city whose work you adore – why not buy a canvas painting? Should your funds allow it, ask the artist to travel. Many local artists are flexible with location and are happy to travel for exciting projects. Don’t just stop at your walls, Hobart street artists are available for live mural painting or workshops. A unique way to get involved with creating art amongst the professionals.

Where can you get a mural painted in Hobart?

Murals are for everywhere and everyone! There is no limit to where an Hobart wall painter can paint a mural. Many people make the mistake of thinking mural art and street art is only for the street. While there is a popular culture around street art, the walls, floors and ceilings inside buildings, homes, gyms, cafes, restaurants, offices and schools are all perfect locations for art.
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Graffiti Artists for Hire Hobart

Hobart is fashionable for its old sandstone warehouses, otherworldly galleries and scrumptious cafes and restaurants. The cities historic district incorporates traditional colonial-era cottages with modern interpretations of art such as sculptures and murals. Hobart street and graffiti artists are transforming the narrow city streets one day at a time! Colourful murals painted by local Hobart street artists complement spectacular views and luminous skylines. While exploring the forests, waterfalls and lighthouses, enjoy unique artwork dotted across the countryside. What do we recommend? Thanks to festivals such as Dark Mofo and VibranceVibrance, Bidencopes Lane has become a hotspot for mural art.

Looking for some unique canvases for your murals? Here are some of our most popular places to paint mural art: fence murals, building murals, office murals, outdoor walls, school murals, community art walls, etc.