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Professional Portrait Artists for hire at your fingertips in San Francisco.

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Anthony Sanchez

San Francisco

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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I've been drawing my whole life the first piece of artwork I sold when I was six years old . I turned the cardboard box upside down like it was my desk in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store . I had two drawings of ducks and two pictures of owls that I had drawn. A gentleman pulled in his car and asked me what I was doing ? with the smile on his face. I sat there proudly with my chest up a confident 6 year old little boy . Selling my artwork ,I said. he looked at me and smiled , really? He asked. Yes sir I answered. he said how much and I said $0.25 a piece he gave me $2 I guess a dollar tip was my very first tip as well I ran inside that store and bought 8 candy bars and at 6 years old with 8 candy bars. I figured out what I wanted to do in life. I've always been able to make my dreams come true with my art. I picked up airbrushing professionally in 91 after I hurt my back working for a business. I had a lot of time on my hands and decided that it was time to put my art skills to work for me. I have airbrushed motorcycle murals featured in Hot bike magazine august 2003. Airbrushing murals on large scale in restaurants other businesses , homes kitchen , nursery’s, teen rooms and man caves. I've placed in several motorcycle competitions and I've been featured in three other magazines. In 2001 I finished my apprenticeship at body Odyssey tattoo and learned how to tattoo. I've been tattooing as well for the past 21 years . I have drawn and painted almost anything you can imagine from flowers, skulls , Birds, fairies, angels, Devil's, cartoons, you name it. I am so happy and grateful, that I am blessed with a skill that I can share with the world and is appreciated and loved by many. Tattoos I love doing coverups not that I like the act of doing them. But I like the satisfaction in taking something that somebody has thought they were gonna have to live with forever and regret it. And I turn into something beautiful for them it gives me such a great feeling. As if I’ve given them a new view of life that goes beyond any financial reward I can ever get. If you commission me for any work I will give you 100% dedication with all attention and feeling that I can put into it. I also love airbrushing large murals. I love the feeling of stepping into a large peace ,when you’re done you step out of it and look at it from a distance. It’s like really becoming one with the artwork. I am a father of two and a grandfather of five. I appreciate you reading my bio and I hope we can create some magic together.
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Bob Proctor



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A great experience from start to finish! Shannon did a super job of taking our vague initial theme and ideas and developing it into a really fun and personalised concept. The work itself was completed quickly, on-time and without mess or fuss - and the completed mural looks great! Very highly recommended.

Latest Review

Ola was incredible from start to finish. Her designs were totally on brief. She was very happy to come to me to do the work and worked diligently and very hard. The work is exquisite and perfect for what I needed. Thank you so much Ola

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Neha was a professional throughout the process. She provide her deliverables on time. She was willing to working within the constraints of the location (she had to work behind hoardings due to mall regulations!!). The final artwork was appreciated by everyone who came across it.

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I would tell anybody who is looking for a professional, friendly, and extremely talented sign writer to contact Erno. Thanks to his years of experience the journey from concept to execution was simple and worry-free. Communication was excellent and the results are amazing. Well done!