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Professional Workshops Artists for hire at your fingertips in Wellington.

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Lucia Laubscher



I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Workshops,Live painting events,Tattoo Design,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Interviews

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Jobs with a bit of a story behind it - input from the customer about the concept or idea they have in mind, collaborative works of art that becomes part of a community, rather than just a pretty picture. Projects giving me free reign on design, beautifying spaces and surrounded by children or the young at heart. Educational opportunities. Inspirational opportunities. ...
My art is an expression of my journey through this life. It’s the visual interpretation of the stories from the people I meet, a journey through the knowledge we share and the themes and messages we are trying to convey. I work across a multitude of mediums and a range of environments. I incorporate symbolism and realism, abstract and impressions, along with a unique blend of vibrant colours and patterns. I have honed my skills with over 20 years of experience in painting, along with over a decade of photography practise. Over the past 10 years I have refined my digital art skills, and all the while I am in a constant state of learning and improving, changing and being fluid in my style and way of expressing the stories of those whom I work with to create unique pieces of art. I have gained experience in using spray-paint and airbrush as well as being an expert at using a brush and pots of paint. ? I would describe my art as emitting fun, joy, whimsy, peace, tranquillity and character, and I am comfortable painting on canvas, walls, wood or transportable panels.
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Professional Development - art skills for teachers


Clients Testimonials

Latest Review

A great experience from start to finish! Shannon did a super job of taking our vague initial theme and ideas and developing it into a really fun and personalised concept. The work itself was completed quickly, on-time and without mess or fuss - and the completed mural looks great! Very highly recommended.

Latest Review

Ola was incredible from start to finish. Her designs were totally on brief. She was very happy to come to me to do the work and worked diligently and very hard. The work is exquisite and perfect for what I needed. Thank you so much Ola

Latest Review

Neha was a professional throughout the process. She provide her deliverables on time. She was willing to working within the constraints of the location (she had to work behind hoardings due to mall regulations!!). The final artwork was appreciated by everyone who came across it.

Latest Review

I would tell anybody who is looking for a professional, friendly, and extremely talented sign writer to contact Erno. Thanks to his years of experience the journey from concept to execution was simple and worry-free. Communication was excellent and the results are amazing. Well done!