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I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Interviews,Live painting events,Tattoo Design,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Workshops
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Discover the best portrait artists in New York. Book An Artist connects local New York portrait artists to you by a click of a button to bring you the artists you need for your projects. Whether you want original, pre-made or custom-designed sketches, Book An Artist supports hundreds of local artists by simplifying the process of hiring the best portrait artists in New York.

The Best of New York Portrait Artists & Painters

There are plenty of freelance portrait artists near New York and New York portrait painters. Although, without the help of Book An Artist they could be hard to find! The best freelance portrait artists New York aren't accessible through social media as it's impossible to search via location using Instagram or Facebook. Book An Artist provides easy access to portrait artists in New York. You are able to search through artists and find the portrait artists with the best style for your project or gift!

How to hire Portrait Artists in New York

New York portrait artist for hire is easy with Book An Artist! Once you've selected 1 - 3 portrait artists New York you can send them a message. No one likes their time wasted so it is important you provide as much information as possible. Sizing, budget, design elements, deadlines, etc. The more your chosen artist knows, the easier it is to get the job done and the quote finalised. Alternatively, use our 'Post a job' feature to offer your project to interested portrait artists in New York. Provide the same in-depth information and wait for the right artist to come to you. The deposit initiates the design process!

Find the best New York portrait artists today. Alternatively, browse portrait artists in United States that are available.

How much does it cost to commission a portrait painting in New York?

New York portrait artists range in prices depending on size, technicality and the experience of the artists. Portrait artists in New York set their own rates per project. It is difficult to give an exact number as there are many elements that go into creating a quote. But, the best way to get a price for your project is to either connect with portrait artists New York on the platform or post your job. We encourage preparing a budget for speedy replies!

Portrait Artist Jobs New York

Portrait artists New York are known for their unique art skills that are often used to create custom designs and images. Pencil portrait artist jobs New York usually require an artist who uses traditional mediums such as greylead or coloured pencils. Whereas the best portrait tattoo artist may work with markers to create their design. Digital portrait artist jobs usually involve software such as Illustrator or PhotoShop. Many New York portrait artists are self-employed and can be hired to complete a range of projects. Scroll through Book An Artist to find the style that suits you and your project!

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