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Lotte Hawley in New Zealand

Lotte Hawley


Paparoa,New Zealand


Canvas commissions,Live painting events,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Interviews,Workshops

Portrait Fashion Media Travel Urban Street Art

Total years of experience:


2 Years

I am Lotte Hawley, a creative from New Zealand, and I express my artistic vision through various mediums. My specialties encompass illustration, brand identity, graphic design, storyboarding, mural art, art direction, and photography. My journey began in Wellington, NZ, where I grew up. After completing my Bachelor of Design at Massey University, I devoted my early creative years to gaining agency experience, nurturing my artistic identity creating personal works, and working on various film productions. During this time, I crafted a deep passion for mural painting, illustration, and creating strong conceptual stories for client briefs. The concept of storytelling has naturally woven its way into all the mediums I now focus on. Today, I transition between small and large-scale projects, encompassing brand design, storyboarding, and illustration to large-scale mural paintings. I work both analog and digital. My work takes me around New Zealand, and at times venturing into the film industry. I am currently based in a studio on a farm in Northland, NZ, where I am creating new illustrations and artwork, and engaging in various digital projects for small to medium-sized businesses with clients in New Zealand and overseas. Being an independent freelancer allows me to move where the work is. I love working on new projects with cool humans.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

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BDes,   Massey University,   Wellington NZ



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