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Skubz  in Australia



Glen Eira City,Australia


Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Total years of experience:

I work predominantly in aerosol, acrylic and digital mediums, and my style is informed by a blend of influences including cartoons, comics, gestural abstraction, graffiti, religion/atheism and the occult. The works often explore themes of personality, humour, mystery, the subconscious and self image. There is a drive inside me to understand what makes the world and these weird humans tick, and implement that knowledge towards growth and self actualisation. I enjoy looking for hidden messages and meanings in my own finished works - clues and messages left by my own subconscious to be dug up later like buried treasure. My work and life experiences over the last 12 years have taught me a broad range of skills that contribute greatly to my current artistic practices. These include experience in: - Small to large scale mural projects (both solo and collaborative) - Graphic design and animation - Photography - Exhibitions - Live art - Workshops - Festival work - Sculpture in various mediums including metalwork - Carpentry

I do not mind replicating an existing design

Pick me for these projects! :-

I am most involved and passionate with projects aimed at being greater themselves. Jobs that are about drawing attention or highlighting important issues or causes, anywhere from a local/community level to an international one. I love working in new or strange places, and hope to expand my experience in international locations over the next few years.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Custom Van
Bubblegum Totem
All The Little Voices
Australian Open 2014
Baller Belle
Astride The Beast of the Black Rift
Bank Corner Totem
Robo Boss
Icki Mora
Growth Totem
"Keenaz!" design
Sleepy Skull Bunnies
Don't Panic!
"Keenaz!" Surf Design
Abstract Totem Collaboration
The Totem Stack
"Your Turn" Collaboration
Newcastle Djinn
Jellyman Guru


- Advanced Diploma of Multimedia/Animation
- Owner/operator of Skubz Mope Art



2020 - Just Another Project Space,   “YOUR TURN” - Prahran,   VIC

2019 - The Stockroom,   “12x12” - Clifton Hill,   VIC

2019 - The Arts Hole Open Studio - Caulfield South,   VIC

2019 - BSIDE Gallery,   “Memento Mori 2” - Fitzroy,   VIC

2019 - Off The Kerb,   “Bits & Pieces” - Collingwood,   VIC

2018 - The Stockroom,   “Unofficial Colab Show” - Ringwood,   VIC

2018 - The Stockroom,   “12x12” - Clifton Hill,   VIC

2018 - The Arts Hole,   “Open Studio” - Caulfield South,   VIC

2018 - BSIDE Gallery,   “Memento Mori” - Fitzroy,   VIC

2018 - Guggenart,   “Class 18” - Malvern East,   VIC

2018 - Off The Kerb,   “Sphere” - Collingwood,   VIC

2018 - Dodgy Paper,   “Unlucky” - Docklands,   VIC

2018 - Urban Sorcery,   “Portrayal” - Gosford,   NSW

2017 - The Stockroom,   “Dodgy Show 2” - Ringwood,   VIC

2016 - Newcastle City,   “Hit The Bricks” - Newcastle,   NSW

2015 - Suspension,   “Where Art Thou?” - Islington,   NSW

2015 - Patersons Building,   “Patterson Project” - Fitzroy,   VIC

2014 - Powerhouse,   “Powerhouse Project” - Geelong,   VIC

Worked with the following major brands:

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