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Patrycja Cardona


| 28-Sep-2021

We employed Otto to install mural on external wall of our commercial building. We couldn't be more delighted with our choice of artist. Amazing art, easy to work with, job done quick and no issues. The mural looks outstanding and the cost was very reasonable. Looking forward to work with you in the future. P. C

I am an Architect who became Urban Artist in 2009. My work style is very unique and recognisable due of the use of ribbons on it. I also work with sunsets and different silhouettes on them trying to Gove a simple but strong message to the society. I have been painting in different countries around the world participating in many projects. (Chile, Japan, Sweden, Peru, US, UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, France, Kenya, Belgium, Brasil, Jamaica and Switzerland).

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

Pick me for these projects! :-

All job related with the possibility to create. It's all about the freedom you got to generate something.

I'll sit these ones out :-

I am only interested in painting any topic where I can show my ribbons or the Orb style.
Not interested on following what a brand want me to do without giving my personal touch to be honest.





March,   2011 Nominee in the 2nd ARTAQ Award (street art) in Artaq festival in Angers ,   France.
August,   2006 Awarded commendation in "Euroclad Drawing Competition". Published Architetural Today
Magazine Issue - October 2006.
May,   2003 Honor Mension awarded from the 4th painting competition "Pinceladas contra viento y
marea" in Talcahuano - Chile.
May,   1999 Awarded in the Regional Urban Sculpture Context,   for the Third bridge of Bío Bío's river (Llacolén),   Rivera Norte's sector,   organized by MOP ( work: Bío Bío's Whirl ) Concepcion-
August,   1999 Awarded in the 2nd Urban Sculpture Biennal,   organized by Bío Bío University in
Hualmapu Park,   San Pedro de la Paz (work; Dry Lagoon Rushes). Chile.



Aug 2018 "Disentanglement" Kawamatsu and Styles Daikanyama,   Tokyo,   Japan.
Sept 2018 GCA Gallery,   Paris,   France.
July 2016 "Extinction-Extension" Westbank Gallery,   London,   UK.
July 2015 Wellhung gallery,   London,   UK.
January 2 015 Urban Art Rooms,   Gothenburg,   Sweden.
August 2014 Fabrik Gallery,   Hong Kong,   China.
August 2013 Gregg Shienbaum Fine art Gallery,   Miami,   USA.
March 2013 Hoxton Gallery "Hidden Messages",  Hoxton,   London,   UK.
July 2012 Frameless Gallery,   "London 2012" ,   London,   UK.
January 2012 Ben Oakley Gallery Greenwich,   London,   UK.
June 2011 Frameless Gallery,   London,   UK.
January 2011 LAVA Gallery,   London,   UK.
July 2008 Het Weefhuiss Gallery in Amsterdam,   Netherland.
September 2007 Chilean Embassy Moscow,   Russia.
August 2007 Gallery Fernseheturm Berlin,   Germany.
February 2007 Gallery 24 ,   New York,   USA .
February 2007 Rivington Gallery,   London,   UK.
May,   2005 Helle Panke Art Gallery in Prenzlauberg,   Berlin,   Germany.
March,   2005 Zeitzone Art Gallery in Kreuzberg Berlin,   Germany.
November,   2000 French Alliance Art Gallery,   Concepción - Chile.
August,   1998 Art Gallery of "Intendence Building" Concepcion - Chile.
June,   1998 Art Gallery of "Plaza del Trébol" Mall Concepcion - Chile.


June 2020 Stencils Only at Pretty Portal gallery Dusseldorf,   Germany.
February 2020 Kiss (Valentines day show) at Different Gallery,   London,   UK.
November 2019 BIO (Bates,   Inkie,   Otto) at Pure Evil gallery,   London,   UK.
November 2019 "Squared Skills" at Street Art Berlin gallery,   Berlin,   Germany.
November 2019. "Freiheit" with Cren at Audet (France) and Kultur Spaeti (Germany).
October 2019 "Free your energy" Festival of Lights,   Hotel De Rome,   berlin,   Germany.
July 2019 Pez and Friends at Stolen Space gallery,   London,   UK.
June 2018 "Outside,   in" show at Wellhung gallery,   London,   UK.
January 2018 "Bigger,   bolder,   better" show at Go Gallery,   Amsterdam,   Netherland.
December 2017 "Urban Art Basel" Festival at Messe Platz,   Basel,   Switzerland.
May 2017 "Distorted Faces" Show at Wellhung Gallery,   London,   UK.
December 2016 "Gonzo" Show at Westbank Gallery,   London,   UK.
August 2016 Rebel-Rebel Show at Reload Gallery,   Lermington,   UK.
July 2016 Cratedigger Show at Gabba Gallery,   LA,   US.
May 2016 Strokar Project Show,   Brussels,   Belgium.
November 2015 Vetical gallery,   Chicago,   USA.
October 2015 Urban Art Festival,   Amsterdam. Nederland.
September 2014 Muse Gallery,   London,   UK.
September 2014 Lollipop Gallery,   London,   UK.
August 2014 "Contraband (2)",   Black Apple Gallery,   LA,   USA.
August 2014 "Myth and Muse",   A Homage to Frida Kahlo' Go Gallery,   Amsterdam.
July 2014 "Around the Block" Well Hung Gallery,   London,   UK.
May 2014 "Thrive",   Save Wild Tigers,   Sanderson Hotel,   London,   UK.
May 2014 "Urban Shakedown,   Docklands,   London,   UK.
February 2014 "Curio-City" at Curious Duke Gallery,   London,   UK.
January 2014 "Kiss,   a dark Affair" at Different Gallery,   London,   UK.
November 2014 Zealous Art Show,   London,   UK.
October 2013 "Lost" Show at Street Art Gallery,   Zurich,   Switzerland.
September 2013 "Outside 2" Show at 34 Fine Art,   Woodstock,   South Africa.
July 2013 "Urban Interpretation" at Graffik Gallery,   Notting Hill,   London ,   UK.
APRIL 2013 "Stick Together",   Urban art event,   Amsterdam,   Nederland.
December 2012 "Overture" in conjunction with Art Basel,   Miami,   USA.
December 2012 Hoxton Gallery ,   London,   UK.
December 2012 "Urban Barriers show" No Format Gallery in Greenwich,   London,   UK.
Sept 2012 Go Gallery in Amsterdam,   Nederland.
June 2012 AC Fine Art gallery,   Miami,   USA.
March 2012 "First Cut" Show at London West Bank gallery,   London,   UK.
March 2012 "Crossing Borders" Show at MSA gallery. Paris,   France.
February 2012 Long Players Show Ben Oakley gallery Greenwich,   London,   UK.
January 2012 Forman's Smokespace Gallery,   Phantasmagoria",   London,   UK.
December 2011 Underdog gallery ,   London,   UK.
October 2011 Show of paintings and drawings Lava Gallery in Rag Factory,   London,   UK.
October 2011 "Our beloved Japan" prints show Almanac Gallery Daikayama,   Tokyo,   Japan.
October 2011 Show of paintings and drawings at Alekano gallery and Alekano Club,   London,   UK.
August 2011 Show of paintings at London West Bank gallery,   London,   UK.
July 2011 Show of paintings and drawings "Urban in Ibiza" Agroturismo Atzaro Ibiza,   Spain.
July 2011 Show of paintings and drawings "Factory Project" at Red Bull Studios,   London,   UK.
July 2011 Show of paintings and drawings at Seven Space gallery,   Kent,   UK.
April 2011 Show of paintings and drawings at London West Bank gallery,   London,   UK.
March 2011 Show of paintings and drawings at GZ gallery,   Paris,   France.
November 2010 Show at Topolski Century gallery,   London,   UK.
November 2010 Show "Orchestra of strings" in Crypt gallery,   London,   UK.
August 2010 Show of graffiti paintings in "Bedford Sreet Art" gallery,   Woburn,   UK.
June 2010 "Artworks Project Space" London,   UK.
May 2010 Show of graffiti paintings in Sides Art & Frames gallery in Lytham,   UK.
Dec 2009 Show of graffiti paintings at The Lock "Death and daylight",   London,   UK.
May 2009 Show of paintings in Het Weefhuiss Gallery in Amsterdam,   Netherland.
May 2009 Show of graffitis in Austin Gallery in London,   UK.
December 2006 Show of paintings in Prelude from Inspired Art Fair and Spitalfields New Development in London,   UK.
July,   2006 Show of paintings in Prelude from Inspired Art Fair and Spitalfields New Development in London,   UK.
June-July,   2006 Exhibition of paintings in " Gallery 24 Paris" in Berlin,   Germany.
August,   2005 Show of paintings in Open Air Gallery Obenbaumbrücke Friederichshain-Kreuzberg,   Berlin,   Germany.
August,   2005 Show of paintings in "24 Gallery" in Friederichshain,   Berlin,   Germany.
July,   2005 Show of paintings in Open Air Gallery Obenbaumbrücke Friederichshain-Kreuzberg,   Berlin,   Germany.
May,   2005 Participation in collective exhibition (in WEB Page) in Homage to Guillermo Dreisler,   Germany.

Worked with the following major brands:

Klippenziege Gin (Germany)
Berlin Festival of Lights (Germany)

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