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Miramar, United States

Pricing starts at $ 1000

Pick me for:

Commissions involving realistic portraiture and cartooning I am extremely flexible and am open to various projects
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Pricing starts at S$ 100

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Pricing starts at S$ 500

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London, United Kingdom



Pricing starts at £ 400

(I do not mind replicating an existing design)

Workshops,Tattoo Design,Live painting events,Canvas commissions

Pick me for:

murals, illustration, portraits, props design, character design, body painting
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Birmingham, United Kingdom

Pricing starts at £ 180

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Mentone, Australia

Pricing starts at $ 125

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I love jobs or tasks that involve putting genuine thought and passion into the idea. It makes me want to strive for something unique and long-lasting; whether that be through design, illustration/art, or a combination of both
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Glenroy, Australia



Pricing starts at $ 500

Pick me for:

Oil painting on canvas, drawing, sketching and illustration. I primarily paint on canvas with oil paint, and depending on the complexity of the work, it may take more time to finish (much of the time is allowing paint to dry between layers). I love working on canvas starting at 30x40cm, and up to 90cmx60cm. You'll also receive good communication and regular updates with progress photos, so you can see your painting coming together. For sketches and drawings, I work on paper and transfer to high quality digital image. As drawing is a dry medium, I can complete projects in 1-2 weeks, although the timeline depends on the complexity of the work. Where possible I prefer to take my own photos of subjects for paintings or drawings, this is included in any quoted price. In terms of budget: starting at $1200AUD, terms for paintings are a 20% deposit for the initial design (i.e. the drawing, for example on canvas) and I require the 80% outstanding amount to start painting. I calculate the quote based on cost of materials, labour and BAA's cut + tax, so as a rule of thumb, the larger and more complex the project, the higher the cost and vice versa. Delivery or pickup from my studio isn't a problem. An oil painting can literally last for centuries and it represents the best of us, the finest emotions, experiences, memories and feelings in life; it is a wonderful object to amaze and delight. By commissioning local artists like me through Book An Artist, you are directly supporting the artist and a wider community of artists to create more art and bring more dreams and ideas to life. Contact me for a free quote!
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Pricing starts at S$ 200

(I can replicate designs if it suits my style)

Workshops,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Interviews
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