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My interest for painting grew when I was about 14 years old, when I came across books about Frida Kahlo, Amrita Sher Gil and the Guerrilla Girls. Thats when I understood that art isn't just a practice of creativity but also a medium of narration. I then realised that this is what I want to do. Narrate stories of the people, and shed light on the atrocities of society. As an artist my purpose is to give a voice to the the unheard voices of India. Growing up in an Indian household taught me many things, and I was raised in an environment of influential figures. I can proudly say that the household helpers, the fruit and flower vendors and the common people I meet on a day to day basis taught me more about life than school ever did. My artistic style is influenced by my cultural background and heritage, and I use that to make a statement in my artworks. I am a frequent participant in community based projects and focus on providing a platform for the people to inspire through their stories. My works revolve around the themes of culture and femininity. I work with various mediums such as Painting, sculpting, installations and works that involve projections. I look forward to working with different people and their ideas.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

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Guilty colour pencils on paper 2022
Deivanai 2022
Ganga digital drawing 2022
Poi kaal kuthurai aattam 2022
Vaigai Acrylic on canvas 2022
Kavadi acrylic on MDF board 2022
Vermiliion hue
"Fullerton hotel singapore - light show projection" - "The lion city"
"The lion city"




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