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Artist Dotty in United Kingdom

Artist Dotty


Brighton and Hove,United Kingdom


Workshops,Interviews,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Total years of experience:

I'm an independant comedy/art filmmaker, inspired by all the slapstick clown greats. Two of my films have gone viral and I have screened at BAFTA and shown my comedy films of digital TV. Most of my art has been inspired by one of my incarnations, I am currently dressing up in a green morph suit and wearing clown shoes, to drive my art, often dictated through reclaimed materials. I have something of a robot obsession and paint abstract robots on old album covers. I sold my 'BOTs on 10th' exhibition, to Yotel a pod hotel in Manhattan NYC. I flew to Manhattan, drank champagne and exhibited in a flagship robot hotel. All my art usually combines an adventure or storytelling. For example in 2020, I cycled from Brighton to Glastonbury to then revamp an old locomotive into my dotty art style. My friends and family cannot keep up with my outpouring of creativity. More recently I have been commissioned by several cafes along the seafront in Brighton. To stop my artistic success going to my head, I usually have a drop of paint, on the end of my nose or ear lobe. I've been a painter/decorator for 20 years, my skills are very transferable and clients ask me back. What do I want from life ? To be a household name and acknowledged as the next Charlie Chaplin.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Pick me for these projects! :-

Up scale ! Give me a reclaimed Boeing 747, or a reclaimed cruiseship liner anyday. Failing that a canvas the size of the Sydney Opera house. Or a wall seen by millions of tourists.

I'll sit these ones out :-

I really enjoy jobs where the creation is a performance. For example my Dotty Art always draws a crowd of intrigued onlookers. I use a Green Man morph suit to create theatre during the making of the art. On my Artist Dotty Tik Tok you can see me tap dancing on a cafe rooftop,   in my green morph suit.

Ovingdean Tuck Shop
City lights
The Zider Express
Intergrafactical activity
The Laine Deli
The Zider Express
Bristle head
The side of The Zider Express
The Ovingdean Tuck shop
The Zider Express
The back of The Zider Express
Robot sculpture
What happened ?
Dotty Linear
My packed lunch
Close up
Colour challenge
The Wall Cafe, Brighton
The Wall Cafe
The Wall Cafe
The Ovingdean Tuck shop


[BA] Hons Consumer Studies


Scarman Trust
Everton Development Trust


BOTS ON 10th,   Manhattan Yotel
Digi BOTS,   Friese Green gallery,   Brighton Digital Arts Festival
Stars On Canvas,   Islington and Mayfair,   London
Zero One,   Random art gallery,   Brighton
Planet Lockin,   Lock In Gallery,   Brighton

Worked with the following major brands:

As an actor -
The Economist Magazine

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