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Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Total years of experience:

I'm a designer and artist with over a decade of experience in the industry. I've travelled the globe broadening my design palette and capturing real-world inspiration from far-off corners like Hokkaido and Tasmania. I've collaborated with startups, small brands, large corporations and Fortune 500 companies. From kickstarting apparel for a local ski & snowboard shop in the French Alps to developing branding for a Japanese Surf House, I have a knack for creating lifelong connections along the way. I've created layouts, lettering, packaging and illustrative work for clients such as Google, Whole Foods Market, Kind Snacks and the Isle of Wight Festival. I'm currently based in Toronto, Canada. My process always starts with my experiences - whether intentional or subliminal. My real world interactions merge with the cosmic happenings of my mind. From there, I'll reach for the closest pencil and aim to best illustrate this next creative stage completely unrestricted. The ideas will be shaped and molded through iterations to arrive at the closest image of what was projected from my mind's eye. The refinement process can be very technical including applications like Illustrator, Photoshop or Blender to achieve accurate digital sculptures. From there, designs and pieces will continue their life as pixels or be enlarged for representation as an art panel or large scale mural installation.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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I get excited about any project that involves creative expression. Right now, I'm really drawn to all the possibilities that are presented in the world of Web 3.0. Character design is an important part of my toolkit and I love the world of psychedelic prints, patterns and motifs. I'm a nature lover and extreme-sports fan so projects that involve snowboarding or skateboarding are of particular interest.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Icons of Toronto Poster
1 Up
100 Avenue Woods
Whistler Bred Wonderland
Channel Nine
Counter Current
Kinetic Cosmos
BBallers - Vince
While Supplies Last
Disaster in Tokyo
Greetings from Sydney Harbour YHA
BBallers - LeBron
For a Limited Time Only
Flash Forward
Christchurch YHA
BBallers - Jordan
Interrupted Reception
BBallers - Kobe
Internal Reflection
BBallers - Giannis
Fungible Fungi
BBallers - Luka
BBallers - Kawhi
BBallers - Curry
BBallers - Vanvleet




Worlds Collide at Scugog Arts; The Tanuki Project at Niseko Cellars

Worked with the following major brands:

Google,   Whole Foods Market,   Kind Snacks,   Isle of Wight Festival

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