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I always wished to be part of the comic world. I enjoy plotting characters in poses, in action, telling stories. I continuously observe my surroundings, using this as a fundamental tool to express myself through intuition and to bring to life the worlds I’m creating. Another of my main priorities- just sheer clarity, knowing how to view your final work as a whole. In terms of art education, I studied Fine Arts at the Barcelona UB University, Life Drawing in Reial Cercle Artistic and further Drawing Experiences through the Escola de la Dona. I practised Life Drawing more than one year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and passed my Art A-Levels at the British School of Barcelona. I received positive comments from the greatest and recognised artists such as John Nevarez, Oscar Grillo, Bill Wray (Ren & Stimpy co-creator), John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy), Daniel Ketchum and Chester B. Cebulski (MARVEL) their opinions were expressed through presential meetings. I currently work at the Asociación Española de Caricaturistas (Spanish Caricaturist Association). My current caricaturist profile: 1976/2061752967215050/?type=3&theater

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