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I am a self taught artist based in Singapore. Art for me is expressing and sharing thoughts and ideas that communicates to the viewers. Conveying colour, texture, emotion of the subject and creating an experience for the viewers while incorporating my own take on the art piece is what brings an ultimate sense of completion and achievement for me. Art in any form has been a lifeline for me and this became a vital outlet after I took a break from my IT career for my family a few years back. I have dabbled across many art styles from Landscapes to Abstracts to Portraits and found myself equally drawn to all aspects of expressing my emotions on canvas. I have tried various mediums and enjoy working with watercolours and oils but acrylics have majorly influenced my artworks and still do. My inspirations have always been vibrant colours be it in nature, people, still life, landscapes or emotions and I attempt at bringing the same vibrancy and energy to life on canvas. I believe in the saying "If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint" and consider myself lucky to be able to create and learn through this form of expression.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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Canvas Commissions

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Bouquet of Joy
My Own Sunshine
Kopitiam Experience
Girl with a Jerrycan
Haute Couture
Vivid Still Life
Lady Angst
Fly with me




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