Professional Mosaic Artists for hire at your fingertips in Warrington.

Professional Mosaic Artists for hire at your fingertips in Warrington.

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Tom Petucco


Im an artist originally from a town near Venice in Italy.. i come from a very creative family in general, but from my early teens graffiti, hip-hop culture and the underground scene really shape the artist i became, and i think the influence of this time of my life is very present in my works nowadays.. I ve gotten curious about tattoos at the same time, back then wasn't common to see many tattooed people like now, so i was fascinated by this form of art even though people weren't open minded about them at all...and surely that was made me curious, it felt like you were different from the mass.. At the age of 19 i moved to London seeking my path into tattooing because all my favourite artists were based there and that is where i wanted to be to learn this craft.. 10-12 years later i ve done countless miles to attend international events and expos,i vistited Australia and Melbourne for few years and won some awards at some major international expos,and saw many beautiful places around the world sharing my art and getting my art on a worldwide level.. So being tattooing the centre of my life for over a decade i feel the need to go back to my roots also, my illustrations and my other ideas that aren't related to tattoos.. I enjoy portraits of dogs or any pet an animals, but also very loose and abstract pieces where maybe the tattoo style is related.. My biggest passion is to paint with watercolour or mex-media, but i always had a passion for coffee and bring that into my paintings mixed with a black biro pen to bring that black out.. So i m happy to share my art and my coffee paintings on this platform as it is a technique i feel it's really part of who i am and will allow me to create unique custom works, also with coffee and biro that are 2 everyday items we use, but can really break that barrier of where we normally put them or use them for .. hope you enjoy my art and i m happy to discuss any idea.. Tom P.
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Taco king


Deep down




Clients Testimonials

Latest Review

A great experience from start to finish! Shannon did a super job of taking our vague initial theme and ideas and developing it into a really fun and personalised concept. The work itself was completed quickly, on-time and without mess or fuss - and the completed mural looks great! Very highly recommended.

Latest Review

Ola was incredible from start to finish. Her designs were totally on brief. She was very happy to come to me to do the work and worked diligently and very hard. The work is exquisite and perfect for what I needed. Thank you so much Ola

Latest Review

Neha was a professional throughout the process. She provide her deliverables on time. She was willing to working within the constraints of the location (she had to work behind hoardings due to mall regulations!!). The final artwork was appreciated by everyone who came across it.

Latest Review

I would tell anybody who is looking for a professional, friendly, and extremely talented sign writer to contact Erno. Thanks to his years of experience the journey from concept to execution was simple and worry-free. Communication was excellent and the results are amazing. Well done!

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