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Hello my name is Nicolo', I'm originally from Italy, and been living in the UK for 11 years. I discovered Graffiti, when I was 15 and painted alongside my twin brother, together for 20 years now. Our main interest was painting walls, focusing on letters, characters, backgrounds, etc.. As it started it was mainly a hobby, turned then into a real passion, a lifestyle, a desire of create constantly, sketching, evolving , studying different forms and shapes. In the last ten years we switched our focus more on painting murals, commercial paint jobs, for private and public, workshops, art festivals, communities projects. Beeing able to understand more the work ethic, the responsibilities that come with being able to develop and deliver the final result, under the deadlines agreed with the customers. After understanding all these keys factors and elements, I always worked hard to learn new techniques evolve as an artist, becoming a more experienced and mature artist, helps understanding better the expectations of the customers, and how to work step by step with them, to understand how the final product should be delivered.

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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