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 Xenia Jamshed Bapasola in Singapore

Xenia Jamshed Bapasola


Singapore ,Singapore



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Arne Eisfeld


| 05-Jun-2023

great work and communication and updates throughout the whole time


Chen Wei Poh


| 04-Sep-2022

We had a wonderful experience working with Xenia, and the final output was just as amazing. I highly recommend Xenia for anyone looking to commission a painting. Xenia was very receptive to feedback and prompt in her responses. She also managed to completed the piece within a challenging deadline. It is clear that Xenia is passionate about her work. Thank you Xenia for this lovely piece that will surely brighten up our house :)


Ms Lim


| 19-Jul-2021

The artist created a work that took into consideration all suggestions and needs. Love the work


Santra Navas


| 19-Jul-2021

Wonderful artist, happy to work with her again


Laurentia Liu


| 19-Jul-2021

I approached Xenia with a few keywords in mind and after a very pleasant conversation, she came up with the most wonderful sketch. She has an eye for detail and great sense of balance. I love her artwork - she captured my brief beautifully. Thanks Xenia!

I am an artist and art educator from Mumbai, India. In my artistic practice, I attempt to join the beauty of the external world with that of my internal mind in order to create a continuous space of harmony and safety, where both myself and my audience can feel peaceful and at ease. These spaces of safety act as a unique dimension for reconciliation and healing from pain and trauma. I aim not only to create art for myself but also make it more acessable and available to others from all walks of life. I began teachng art to underprivledged children when I was 14 years of age, it is there I understood that art should be an imperitive and not a privlege. I hope to employ art as a medium to unite individuals with their internal world, thus allowing them to better understand themselves and those around them. Art is vital to both intrapersonal and socio-cultural development, it is the language of the self. It is important to give voice to our deepest consciousness, in order to understand and change our own perspectives and that of thoes around us. I strives to further the accessibility of art for every child and adult, as well as to use art as a medum to heal the internal world of both myself and thoes I teach.

Pick me for these projects! :-

I want to paint things that make people feel good and happy, that represents a part of them.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Little Wonders
Little joy
Joo Chiat
My Head is in the Clouds 2
My Head is in the Clouds
Jalan Kembangan
The Vessel of Paradise
Meteor Shower at Hope Springs
We Are No longer in the Desert my Dear
At the Edge
My Adeline
Into Paradise


BA Fine Arts (Hons)



ICA Gallary Singapore,   Tao Art Gallery Mumbai,   Independent show in Mumbai,   Ma Collections Artist Collective,   Singapore

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