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Chenchen's Workshop in Australia

Chenchen's Workshop

Chen Chen



Live painting events,Tattoo Design,Workshops,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

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Hollo everyone, I am CC. Very nice to meet you here and welcome to my folio page!!! Please check my Ins: 3024_cc for more informations. I was a painter in my early days, and I find myself in design. I am a designer, a mural artist who can do all kinds of art styles. I 'm a reliable designer with years of professional experience delivering graphics at multiple design companies. Experienced in all kinds of Adobe softwares and prioritizing communication to fill all customer orders. A mural artist who combines excellent organization with strong design skills and years of painting skills. As a critical person, I have my own understanding of mural art. In a sense, wall painting is not pure art because it is functional. Compared with the paintings hanging on the wall, murals are usually larger and more influential because they are mostly outdoors. When people walk past a patterned wall, they are unknowingly affected. The wall and the block, and the people live in the block, are one. It will affect people's aesthetic taste and even, ideology. Especially for those who pass by them on their daily commute, a mural for them is not only a landmark, it is something bound with their life. As something that can affect thousands of people day and night, graffiti should be given meaning. Before starting a wall painting, I tend to get to know the people who live in that block and learn about the culture behind them. Australia is a multicultural country and we are held together very well because we respect our respective cultures. So I hope that graphics can be used to express something meaningful, the beautiful culture that has been brought to Australia by excellent mural artists. Take a couple of my giant wall paintings in Western Australia as example. The reason why I chose the theme of flowers is that this wall is in front of the canteen that miners have to pass through every day. The miners face high-intensity work with dust and sand every day. I hope that flowers can give them some time to be close to nature when they are resting. In terms of color, I try to keep the color at the highest purity. On the gray-red sand dunes and the always blue sky in Western Australia, the high-saturation flowers are particularly vivid. .

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