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LAZLO Art Design in Australia

LAZLO Art Design


Hobsons Bay City,Australia


Workshops,Canvas commissions,Interviews,Live painting events

Total years of experience:

I've been an artist for 13 years now, I started at the young age at 11 years old as I was obsessed with the graffiti sub-culture in Melbourne. I was constantly drawing in my books to try and develop a good style, similar to the older heads I used to look up to that were really good and sponsored by different paint brands. From graffiti, it then led onto other creative mediums such as Illustrations, Portrait, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Contemporary Art, and Tattooing. I guess what inspires me most to have kept going with being an artist is the sense of freedom I get when I do it and to also keep getting better so I can be the best at it one day. I like to live life on my own terms and do my own thing, so now that I've been making a living as an artist in most recent years, I can happily say life's never been any better and its the best decision I made as a little man in 2007.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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I'll sit these ones out :-

Street Ball
Alice In Changa Land
If These Walls Could Talk


Diploma of Graphic Design
Cert IV In Design



Worked with the following major brands:

Lucky Entertainment,   Hocking Stuart,   FRESH'R

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