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Welcome! I'm Ruby. I'm a conscientious visual artist originally from Western Australia with a passion for paintings, murals, stage building, design and decor. Humans and nature inhabit my art world together and with my extensive study into self-help, I love to inspire others with my bright pieces of abstract work however I am also very interested in illustration. Most people usually describe my work as very bright and colourful. When I'm not painting, I crave a combination of nature, dancing, yoga/meditation and swimming, it just makes me feel so alive and clear which I think really helps inspire me to paint. When i'm present in nature I really take note of all the shapes around me and try to replicate them in my own style on paper. What I really love about art is that everyones style is so unique and i find what we do so courageous. As humans we are supposed to jump out of our comfort zone and fight that fear, achieve our goals and that's where I really get a thrill out of art.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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I'll sit these ones out :-

Keep cup
Holiday gratitude
Earth frequency festival stage
More designed cups
An adventurous hike through my imagination
Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival
Staying afloat
Strawberry fields festival
My exhibition poster
Creatures of Confidence
Tin Tin goes to Russia
Fundraiser piece
Michelin Man
Prize winner
The Work
Nature is what I dream of
Happy birthday Jade
Lets go celebrate some life
Mindful Monkeys
Calm and Curious
Intuitive flow
Spring has sprung
Garden Goddess Galactica
Vitamin D on Mars
Babe on Fiya
Metamorphic Colour Voyage
Galactic Abstraction Distraction
Feeling golden
Woodside Green Takeaway cup
Blossom 3
Dance cup
Breezy Biome
Lets go girls
Tshirt design
Gnarabup Girls
Frangipani girls and the garden of Eden
Wallaby Watch


Diploma in Events management,   diploma in Live Production and Technical Services



Worked with the following major brands:

Painted main stages at Earth Frequency Festival,   Rabbits Eat Lettuce,   Petting Zoo,   Babylon in the Park,   Bush Techno,   Sickest House

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