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I am a Artist and Designer. Based In Perth and Bali. I work in a multitude of mediums. Primarily now Painting and Sculpture and both if the pieces permit. I have been professional Artist and Designer for 30 years. Exhibited in Perth Sydney and Switzerland. Commissioned for art projects throughout the world. I have owned a High end contemporary fine art Gallery in Northbridge (until 2007), specialising in paintings and Australian Art Glass (Gallery O). I engage in interior design and Landscape design if the client has artistic ambitions, having completed several projects in Melbourne, Zurich and Perth. Also Undertaking several Public Art Projects with particular cultural themes. Beyond all the credibility spiel - I like to keep it real and simply value my experience as stepping stones to developing the craft(s). I consider it an honour to engage with a client who can identify and appreciate my art, style and endeavours. To be able to the exceed the clients and also my own expectations in offering something creatively unique, appealing and ultimately befitting to both its owners and it’s location is intrinsically the gift. Cheers.

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