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Amy Van Dyk


| 22-Mar-2021

Jade was amazing, very professional and created a wonderful design for us. :)

My name is Jade, I am a pop surrealism artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. I create elaborate works featuring larger than life characters in many forms. The lexicon of my work ranges from colorful and cute to melancholic. With mediums ranging from fine detailed traditional paintings, murals, augmented reality filters, customized fashion items, and much more. My work is littered with detail and precision which lures in the viewer to experience whimsical creatures and doll-like creations living their own lives inside my artworks. One of my greatest inspirations is the ever-changing and evolving aesthetics of fashion and culture. My artworks and their themes are constantly transforming, allowing me to adapt and evolve over time to any project I am working on.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Pick me for these projects! :-

Projects where I am able to create and design a colorful and fun artwork that is completely unique. I enjoy placing my characters in different settings and environments, filling the space with life.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Adelita Mexican Cantina Mural
Titanium Teddy Artwork
Adelaide Showgrounds Railway Station Mural
'Strawberry Wrath' Artwork
'Fragile Refraction' Illustration
'Purgatory' Artwork
'Cerberus' Banquet' Artwork
'Lust' Artwork
Rainbow Mural
'Caterpillar Girl' Artwork
'Seraphim' Acrylic Painting
'The Geryon' Artwork
'The Terrarium' Art Installation
'Behind Gold Bars' Artwork
'Minotaur Tea Party' Artwork
'Gabriel' Acrylic Painting
'Ophanim' Acrylic Painting


Diploma of Graphic Design and Illustration TAFE SA

DCSI Working with Children Clearance




The Terrarium
Solo Exhibition and Art Installation
Gallery Flaneur
Adelaide,   SA


Solo Exhibition
Fokus Creatives
Adelaide,   SA

Sensitive Sweethearts
Group Exhibition
Forty-Five Downstairs Gallery
Melbourne,   VIC


Sweet Escape
Interactive Art Installation
University of Adelaide

La Adelita Mexican Cantina
Elizabeth Shopping Centre
Adelaide,   SA

GirlSpace Zine Launch
Group Exhibition and Artist Talk
Chateau Apollo
Adelaide,   SA


Earth Invaders
Solo Exhibition
Basem3nt Enterprises
Adelaide,   SA

Group Exhibition
Mr. Goodbar
Adelaide,   SA

Girl of My Nightmares
Group Exhibition
Cold Krush Gallery
Adelaide,   SA


Cooinda Community Centre
Adelaide,   SA

DPTI Railcare Art Grant
Adelaide Showgrounds Railway Station

It’s Getting Hot in Here
Group Exhibition
Raj House
Adelaide,   SA

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