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Live painting events,Online Workshop,Interviews,Workshops,Tattoo Design,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

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Victoria Walsh


| 28-May-2022

Vicki’s work is excellent. She is a delightful person and outstanding communicator. We are excited to choose another project for her to complete for us.


Kim Amos


| 17-Apr-2022

Vicki was amazing to work with and really embraced the project I was looking to create. She was always quick to reply and did a fantastic job with the artwork.

I am a British Portrait Artist, my artwork ranges from small detailed pencil portrait to larger acrylic murals, all predominately focused on realism. I experiment with materials and enjoy using innovative technology to bring the portraits to life. I have incorporated electronic paint into my art which makes the murals interactive - it was wired to speakers so when the mural was touched the portrait would speak. I have recently begun free handing spray paint murals and have completed pieces through Gippsland and Melbourne, including in Hosier Lane. I am also a registered Art Therapist, this knowledge has influenced my artwork in the way I explore materials, symbols and archetypal imagery in my portraits. I have run Art Therapy Groups on Inpatient Psychiatric Units and continue to work with individuals- in England and Australia. I also teach Paint for Fun classes to groups for teams and the public in Melbourne and over zoom to people from all over the world. I am very comfortable doing live painting and sharing the experience of art making with others. I have exhibited Artwork throughout England including in Brick Lane (London) and in Melbourne. I have been doing commissioned Portraits for over a decade and won art competitions throughout England and Australia - including most recently coming 3rd Place in Space2b Gallery Annual Portrait Competition. I look forward to continuing and growing my passion with art and hearing the projects you have in mind. .

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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I love working on jobs that are a challenging and outside the box - portraits are my passion and I always strive to improve my technical skill with each new one. I also enjoy working with people and working in a setting where the art is used to bring everyone together and encourage a positive, therapeutic experience.

I'll sit these ones out :-

I am open to painting things that aren't portraits,   but that doesn't excite me as much. However,   I am open to hearing ideas.


Qualifications/Positions :

Ba Fine Art with Honours I Oxford Brookes University,   England 2013
Ma Art Therapy I University of Derby,   England,   2015

- Senior Clinician/Art Therapist: Play Therapy Melbourne
- Art Psychotherapist AThR - ANZACATA registered (private clients)
- Art Teacher for Paint For Fun Melbourne

Awards/Grants :

Space2b - Inaugural Heads High Art Show,   3rd Place (Stan Walker Portrait). 2020
BIC Doodle Competition,   in the top 402015
Derby Law School Art Competition,   2015

Exhibitions :

Melbourne,   For the DECKADE Afterparty,   NVG Gallery 2021
Melbourne,   For the DECKADE,   NVG Gallery 2021
Melbourne,   FACE2FACE - Space2b 2021
Melbourne,   St Kilda Heads High - Space2b,   2020
Melbourne,   Linden Postcard Show - 2020
Melbourne,   Blackcat Gallery Group Show - 2020
Melbourne,   Blender Studios Masquerade Show - 2020
Oxford (Where's the Hover? 2012)
London (Free Range 2013,   Brick Lane)
Oxford (BAcubed. Oxford Brookes University. 2013)
Derby (University of Derby,   Masters Art Therapy Degree Show Exhibition) 2015

Worked with the following major brands :

Bareconductive - Electric Paint