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Interviews,Live painting events,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Canvas commissions

Total years of experience:

My work is often playful in its execution, it seems to provoke a reaction whether that of snigger or a snarl, dark thoughts, twisted jokes and cynical views served with a smile so cute and saccharin it pulls the viewer close, then cracks them over the head with a baseball bat. I find beauty in the patina, grime, typography, illustration and graffiti of the city, from the tagged up shopfront to the flowers growing through the paving stone cracks. My work reflects this with passion, beat-up grime marks, weathered typography and rebellion with brushes, pens, spray cans and print. My experience in graphic design has given me an edge above many artists who work with spray cans or who have a basis within graffiti culture, I do my best to create artwork that works with the clients ideas, strengthens their branding and social media presence. Being able to offer several different skill sets within my work from graphic design based graffiti, print based graphics, illustration, portraits, 3D spray painted elements, a good eye for typography and it’s many nuances, character design, art direction, strong video creations of the work created and solid logo design, I can create artwork that truly works with your brand.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

Pick me for these projects! :-

Creating collages with spray paint using found images mixed with typography and 1950’s style consumer characters. Bold and strong graphic graffiti for clients with bold ideas whilst creating a strong interior branding and presence. Working with clients who appreciate and understand good design/interiors and the impact that my work can provide for them.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Anything to do with painting wings for selfie spots or football based murals.

Ultra violet works
Various portraits for Roxy ball room
Hatton’s health and fitness Hyde Manchester
Almost famous
Roxy ball room Corner house Nottingham
Happy little accidents
Roxy Ball room Caribbean crazy golf Manchester
Fifty shades of spray
The Cats Pyjamas Leeds


1st class honours in graphic communications

3 years work experience at The Designers Republic in Sheffield as junior designer/art worker

15+ years experience creating interior branding and large scale murals in spray paint



Operation Doomsday” Group show - Rough Trade Records,   Nottingham,   UK [ 2018 ] “The North’s worst salesman” Two’s company studio - Bristol,   UK [ 2017 ]
“The North’s worst salesman” Milkjam - Manchester,   UK [ 2016 ]
“All over the shop” Zap graffiti and gallery - Liverpool,   UK [ 2015 ]

Worked with the following major brands:

Reebok,   Havana rum,   Gatecrasher,   British street food awards,   The great British menu,   BBC,   Jägermeister,   Dr Martens,   MOD pizzas,   Melia hotel group,   Liverpool capital of culture,   Pampero rum,   Audio technica,   Ricky Hatton,   Turtle Bay restaurants,   Liquitex,   Roxy Ball room.

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