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Alex Lehours in Australia

Alex Lehours


The Hills Shire,Australia


Interviews,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Live painting events

Total years of experience:

Calling on references from virtually every major art movement of the twentieth century, twisting them through his own bold hand, and tossing them haphazardly onto his canvas to create a melee of captivating chaos, Alex Lehours approaches his art making with a decidedly ‘more is more’ attitude. His CV is replete with big names including Armani Exchange, Facebook, The National Gallery of Victoria, Converse, Platypus Shoes, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Marvel and BMG Music. Skilled in painting ( murals and canvases), illustration (digital and hand-drawn) as well as branding and typography, Lehours has become an essential member of Australia’s stable of multi-disciplinary graphic artists.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

Pick me for these projects! :-

I love mural work as well as canvas work. I also enjoy creating illustrations, both hand-drawn and digital.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Corporate identity projects.

Murals based on company values etc

Anything that is too focused only on brand assets.

I like working with a range of different companies and brands and I usually try to find a balance between the brand itself and my style of work (including subject matter)

How's The Serenity?
Platypus Shoes
Vicars: A Tribute To Marrickville
Eat St Depot
Armani Exchange
Wall To Wall Festival 2019
The Galeries
The Bund
No Cure Magazine: Almost Famous


Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design - ACU
Design fundamentals Certificate 4 - Enmore Design Centre



2019 Walk The Walls Festival,   Cronulla,   NSW Australia

2019 Wall To Wall Festival: Juddy Roller,   Benalla,   VIC Australia

2018 Objectified,   aMBUSH Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2018 Greenroom Festival Japan: Armani Exchange Launch,   Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. Yokohama,   Japan

2018 Disney’s Mickey Mouse Arthouse: Celebrating 90 Years of Mickey,   Melbourne Central. Melbourne,   Australia

2016 Wacom: The Next Level,   China Heights Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2016 Insecure Ovation,   Flat Blak Gallery. Portland,   USA

2016 Hoods,   Suus. Melbourne,   Australia

2015 Santa Cruz 30 Years of Screaming Hand,   aMBUSH Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2015 First Coat Street Art Festival (Feature Artist) Toowoomba,   Australia

2015 Kingbrown 10 Launch,   Form Gallery. Perth,   Australia

2015 AGIdeas 25 Years Anniversary,   Arts Centre. Melbourne,   Australia

2015 Cranium,   M2 Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2015 Vans Bowl-A-Rama/ Tic Taco,   Bondi Beach. Sydney,   Australia

2014 Hit The Bricks Street Art Festival (Feature Artist) Newcastle,   Australia

2014 TWO,   Just Another Project Space. Sydney,   Australia

2014 AGIdeas,   Look Upstairs (Guest Speaker),   Arts Centre. Melbourne Australia

2013 JA Book Launch III,   Just Another Project Space. Melbourne,   Australia

2013 Look See/ Director’s Cut,   Watt space Gallery. Newcastle,   Australia

2013 Tropfest Poster Exhibition,   Vic on The Park. Sydney,   Australia

2013 Washed Up Superheros,   Lo-Fi Collective. Sydney,   Australia

2013 Just Another Group Show,   1000 Pound Bend. Melbourne,   Australia

2013 Skateistan,   aMBUSH Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2013 Man Up,   aMBUSH Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2013 Up Front,   Curve Gallery. Newcastle,   Australia

2013 The Penny Has Dropped,   Black Penny. Sydney,   Australia

2012 Just Another Group Show,   1000 Pound Bend. Melbourne,   Australia

2012 JA Book Launch II,   Just Another Project Space. Melbourne,   Australia

2012 Three Sixty Project,   TATE Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2012 Living In a Glass House,   Glasshouse. Sydney,   Australia

2012 Sidewayz,   Global Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2012 Tomorrow’s Nostalgia,   aMBUSH Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2011 BOARD,   National Gallery Victoria. Melbourne,   Australia

2011 Outpost Project,   aMBUSH Gallery/ Cockatoo Island. Sydney,   Australia

2011 Without Walls,   aMBUSH Gallery. Sydney,   Australia

2011 Secret Wars,   Oxford Art factory. Sydney,   Australia

Worked with the following major brands:

Armani Exchange
Rolling Stone Magazine Australia
Santa Cruz Australia
aMBUSH Gallery
Coronation Property
FYVE Snowboards
No Cure Magazine
Authority Creative
Inner West Council
4040 Creative
Third Chapter
The Little Homie

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