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Giovanna Da Silva in Australia

Giovanna Da Silva




Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Tattoo Design,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Total years of experience:

I am a Melbourne based visual artist working out of my studio on canvas and digital art, and in the community through murals. I migrated to Melbourne with my family at 6 years old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I gain much influence and inspiration from my Brazilian heritage. Always having a fond interest in the workings of nature, environmental conservation and global community I convey an artistic style that is simplistic but a reflection of these themes through the use of bold line work and natural tones. I have spent time travelling and painting in places including Spain, Brazil, Nepal and India where my love for how public art interacts with different communities was strengthened and through that finding inspiration in my own practice. I have been involved in a number of group exhibitions in Melbourne as well as co-curating my own in 2019. My biggest motivation for my craft is to brighten up the community and spread messages of awareness through each painting.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Pick me for these projects! :-

Outdoor murals excite me more than anything and projects where I mostly get creative freedom as I feel then I can really create something true to me but that also fits a space the best. i also love jobs that challenge me a bit whether it be the space in which I'm painting or an interesting brief.

I'll sit these ones out :-

Sound Awakenings
tavares lane Collingwood
Sound Awakenings
That Windsor Workshop mural
Falling series
The In Between Series
Sound on
With the wind
The Jungle
Coffee cart project
Sound Awakenings
Falling series
sound box




March 2018,   4dverse art hub - Community youth exhibition April 2019,   4dvarse art hub - pop up exhibition fundraiser
September 2019,   4dverse art hub – ‘Formas de Vida’ group exhibition for South American artists in response to the urgent environmental and social issues in our continent
November 2019,   4dverse art hub - ‘The Equilibrium’ group Exhibition
November 2019 – ‘Shade,   Light and Colour’ group exhibition
November 2019,   Strawberry Fields festival – group art gallery and mural project December 2019,   Wild Horses festival – group art gallery
January 2020 – Wildlife group exhibition fundraiser in response to the Australian bushfire crisis February 2019,   Gallery 17 – ‘Resolutions’ group exhibition
July 2020 - 'Creative Distances' ,   online group exhibition

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