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Alison Duke Art


Elizabeth East,Australia


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4 Years

I am an Adelaide based artist who has been working for 10 years. Creating artwork is like breathing, the deeper the breath you take the more excited and alive you become. Life for me is about learning, improving myself and improving others through teaching. There is nothing more exciting than to hand over your latest baby to it's new owner. nothing more inspiring than to receive a commission after chatting with a family or loved one who has intimate knowledge of the subject. The more background I have about the person I am painting the more connected to the painting I will be. if you give me a list of words that describe the person, what you think of them, how they move, live, laugh, smile, cry. Do their eyes light up when they talk, have they walked through depression or are they a drug addict/alcoholic/ domestic violence victim, have they walked an illness/accident road and move on from this world and you wan't to remember who they are or were. my heart is committed to giving you the best possible Portrait you could have. I also am a lover of Abstract and Land or Sea Scape. Come and have a disscussion with me if I am not the right fit i may be able to recommend someone else.

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