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Rebecca Woods


| 15-Jul-2021

I had the pleasure of working with Jack, a talented local artist. Jack was able to take my terrible stick figure idea and turn it to art which told a story and was visually exactly as I imagined. I was very impressed with his eagerness to deliver exactly what I requested with ease and promptly. He has a keen eye for detail and is artistically gifted. I'd have no hesitation recommending Jack and will commission him again.

As an artist and designer, I find inspiration in the ever changing world around me. I employ a personal vocabulary of bold and creative imagery to express the mixed emotions and hard to explain feelings of the inconsistent world. Within this realm, my work varies from abstract to pop art, and I am continuously moving along the continuum between the two. I just love creating, I feel like creativity needs to be explored a lot more within out local communities. I think everyone is an artist in some way, in their own special way. Being quite a reserved/quiet guy, I don't really let my feelings out often. So no one around me really knows exactly what I am going through. Art is my own way of expressing my emotions and stories that I can sometimes be to afraid to physically let out myself. I have done 100's of large canvas pieces and assisted about 12 artists on murals. I have held 2 extremely successful solo shows that brought crowds of 500+ to the shows. I just love having the opportunity to create for anyone. No matter what, I always make sure every line, colour and shape is perfect. Having OCD in some things my work has to be perfect before I can say its complete.

I do not mind replicating an existing design

Pick me for these projects! :-

I have always loved creating on canvas - large scale canvas pieces. But I am very excited about murals! I think painting on any wall just adds a whole other level to the artwork. But overall canvas and mural art!

I'll sit these ones out :-

Anything but canvas and mural projects

Large mural
The joker
Expectations create despair
Bright and bold
Skateboarding is king
Tea and a friend
Sing loud
Backyard mural
Digital art
Men cant cry
Reading amongst florals
Man cave murals
One eyed girl
Floral face
Left Behind Mural
Left Behind & Anguish
Man cave mural
Circle canvas
It will come #1
Cafe Mural
Beneath it all
It Will Come #2
Canvas artworks from 2022 solo show
Seeing you
Artworks from solo show
Naturally Perfect
Backyard dog mural
Rainbow Friend
Cafe Mural
Artworks from solo show



- Winner of Zagame's House art competition 2020
- Winner of 5 group shows
- top 10 in 11 group shows
- 2 extremely successful solo shows


2019 - Perspective (solo show)
2020 - Revolution (solo show)
2016/17/18/19/20/21 smART art (group shows)
2018/19/20 Brunswick street prize (group shows)
2019/20/21 Edithvale Art Prize (group shows)

Worked with the following major brands:

- Many musicians/bands/DJ's and producers including Coby watts
- Small local clothing brands

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