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Miramar,United States


Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Canvas commissions,Tattoo Design

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I am a Miami based Artist who has been practicing art for over 20 years collectively amateur and professionally. I am the son of an artist with a true passion for bright colors and nostalgic cartoon characters. My work is based on freedom. I believe people live happier, more fulfilled lives when they are free to be themselves, so above all other things “Be You.” There is something for everyone, from kids in awe of the future to adults looking to escape into Nostalgia. My goal is free range, from whimsical and cute to thought-provoking and detailed. I just want to leave the world a more beautiful place than I found it.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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Mural Work is truly exciting

I'll sit these ones out :-


Arthur Ashe memorial park
Drink Hey Hei
Miamis food court
Wait Here
Paint a mural with a real wynwood artist!
Wait Here
Love is cooperation
Drink Hey Hei
Life is short eat ice cream
Long Live the Dream
Battle of the ARTISTS 2022
Princess Hinata
Bite me
Surviving the Survivor
Welcome to Miami Procument
Dashing to a city near you
Emerald City
Paint and Sip parties Drastix
Dream Dream Dream
Dark Horse
May the FORES be with you
Brooklyn Newfellas
Be you Beyond
The Golden Child
Art Exhibit Drastix
VC 2023
Aint nobody got time for that
SIP back and relax
Juicebox Couture
Meanwhile at Karens
Live painting dasher and crank
Buy why
Explore paradise continued
Blue juice
You in troubleeeeee
Explore Paradise Miami
Sunny days
The Golden one
Shed so many tears
Pero like relax
Princess Hinata
Magic City
Everyone from Everywhere esta Bienvenido Aqui
A Voice for the Voiceless
Smile Brighter




Thriving thru Adversity (Arts Garage Delray Beach,   FL) ,   Art Beat Miami ( MIami Art Week,   Miami FL),   Happy Places (Hollywood FL)

Worked with the following major brands:

San Pellegrino,   Door Dash,   Smorgasburg Miami,   Catan

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