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Joshua Benson in United States

Joshua Benson


Mt. Juliet,United States



Canvas commissions,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Workshops

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Joyce Zhu


| 03-May-2023

Joshua is a great artist.He is very nice and patient.And he did a fantastic job with this project.We love the final artwork.

Hello! I am a visual and musical artist specializing in urban landscapes/skylines, stick-figure characters, and music related imagery. This takes place mostly with painting commissions on canvas and murals. Visual art and music has brought me to travel the world while exhibiting art and playing drums and percussion. Music has always been a big influence on my painting and vice-versa. I grew up in Denver, CO., drawing, drumming, and skateboarding and painting graffiti. In 2002, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Communication Design from PRATT Institute in Brooklyn, NY. After being based in NYC for about twenty years, my family and I recently relocated to Nashville, TN., where my wife and I have recorded our debut album and my mural work is becoming known around the area. Pulling from different influences both musically and visually, my work is rooted in experiences of different cultures and art forms coming together, often joining the traditional with the modern. With a background in Graphic Design and Illustration, I would often blend the two, blurring the lines between commercial and fine art. Pulling from inspiration in nature, the city, hip hop and jazz cultures, impressionism, graffiti, fish-eye photography, African sculpture, and both eastern & western calligraphy, my visual style joins bright, expressive colors and bold brush strokes usually in a distorted perspective, often adorned with my signature-style stick figure characters. I've illustrated articles and books, painted murals, exhibited paintings, toured in the US and abroad, playing and recording with different music groups, many of whom he helped form. Playing music and designing album art has always gone hand in hand. My mother Lyn Benson (1946—2015) and I collaborated on the award-winning Christmas book, “Who Were the Magi?”, that she wrote and I illustrated. My clients include the UN, the NBA, Oneworld Magazine, Blacksmith Management, Fluent HQ, and many interior designers in NY and Nashville.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

Pick me for these projects! :-

Music related jobs that embrace my style really excite me.

I'll sit these ones out :-

I don't like being asked to copy someone else's style.

Music City X
2 Dads
Nashville Gold Script
Nights Like This
A Brothers Question
Dont Worry
Root, Rock, Rooftop
Good Neighbors
Music Is Life
Quarantine Conflict
On The Fly book illustration
Nashville CRS 2020
The Roots
Great Buys
Who Were The Magi Book Cover
Tillies Chalkboard Menu
Nashville Phone Home
Who Were The Magi Father & Son
Mardi Gras window painting
Streets of Gold
La TheraV - Paris cafe
Flying High
Music City I
Lets Do This
JERKD Kitchen
Jamaica Jamaica
Fluent NYC Skyline
New Nashville
Approaching The Battery
Controlled Chaos
Music City IV
Long Live Money Mike


20 years of freelance experience,   Studio painter at Novo Arts NYC


Indie Excellence Book Awards winner for “Who Were the Magi?”



Solo exhibit at Just Love,   Mt. Juliet,   TN

“Above/Below” duo show,   The Gallery At W83 NYC
“CRS 2020” — Three day live painting for Sun Broadcast Group at the Country Radio Seminar,   Omni Hotel Downtown,   Nashville,   TN


Solo exhibit at Yeast Nashville,   Nashville,   TN
“Sights in the City” Solo exhibit— A 20-Year Retrospective,   John Allan’s Downtown,   NYC

New York Fashion Week group show with SixSummit Gallery,   Angel Orensanz,   NYC

“March Grand Salon” group show at Greenpoint Gallery,   Brooklyn,   NY

“Winter Soirée” group show,   World Trade Art Gallery,   NYC

“The Need For My Care” group show,   Waterfall Mansion,   NYC


“Tran·si·tion /TranˈziSH(ə)n” Solo exhibit at John Allan’s Downtown,   NYC
“Young at Heart” group show at FiDi Gallery,   NYC
Mural for Fluent HQ,   NYC
“Banners on Wall Street” Solo exhibit John Allan’s Downtown,   NYC
“The 2nd Annual Icons of Cinema and NYC” group show at Elena Ab Gallery,   NYC
Solo exhibit— ”Anchored” at CultureFIX,   NYC

“The Story of the Creative” group show with See|,   Angel Orensanz,   NYC
Solo exhibit and 3 murals commissioned at 8065 Bagnet Restaurant & Coffee Shop,   Manila,   Philippines

UN International Day of Peace Arts Festival,   selected group show,   Linzhou,   China
World Trade Art Gallery,   NYC

Solo exhibit— The American Beatboxing Championships,   NYC
Solo exhibit—Northern Soul,   Hoboken,   NJ
Solo exhibit and performances with Stone Forest Ensemble,   Aix en Provence,   France
World Trade Art Gallery,   NYC

Charmingwall Gallery,   NYC
World Trade Art Gallery,   NYC

Solo exhibit— ”Who Were the Magi?”,   Tillies of Brooklyn,   Brooklyn,   NY
World Trade Art Gallery,   NYC

Open Studio group show,   Brooklyn,   NY

Solo exhibits— ”Beauty & Tension” parts I & II,   24 Prince,   NYC

“It Might Blow Up but It Wont Go Pop”— duo show,   Tillies of Brooklyn,   NY

Worked with the following major brands:

NBA,   Fluent HQ,   Vu Studios

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