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SamShennan in Australia



Elanora Heights,Cyprus


Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Tattoo Design

Blackwork Fineline New School Ornamental Illustrative Tribal Surrealism

Total years of experience:

I'm an all-surface illustrator working across analogue and digital spaces. Most of my bold bizarre work is made in ink, that's my specialty. I've also got a reputation for a kamikaze sized work ethic and a creative rigour to match. I'm constantly pushing myself artistically to create his dramatic designs across print, street art, tattoos, surfboards, t-shirts, the digital metaverse and virtual spaces. With a huge network of musician and fellow artist friends, the lines seem to blur between life, art and work through my many collaborations. Drawing for my classmates back in my uni days turned out to be great preparation for the live events and street art that I regularly performs in. I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing how we can pull your creative vision to life through the surface of your choice.

I can replicate designs if it suits my style

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I'll sit these ones out :-

Consulting the oracle
Coffee & Ideas
Expedia Bali
Owl Mask
Roastery and Yoga Wellness center
Clothing store feature wall
Ganesh Portrait
Harbour Tortoise
Eat Sleep Rock Repeat
Beautiful Coffeehouse in Sydney
Gold and Green Gobbling Frog
Personalized 30th Present
Singapore Expedia Offices
Panda Shaman
Singapore Expedia Offices
Snow Leopard Shaman
Beer Wave
Birthday Gift Commission
Carpark Florals
Childs Imagination
Coffee Flavour Wheel
The Heist
Native Flora & Fauna Restaurant Mural
Drink Like a Fish
Tobys Estate Espresso Repair and Showroom Space
Stay Fierce Poster
Prime Minister & Cabinet Offices Canberra
Anniversary Find-A-Thing
Cafe Mural


Bachelor of Design (Environment and Graphic Design) UNSW,   Australia
Bachelor or International Media and Entertainment Business Thomas More University,   Belgium
AWARD School,   Communications Council.



20+ In Sydney,   Melbourne,   Beijing,   Shanghai

Worked with the following major brands:

Microsoft,   Wacom,   Lenovo,   Jack Daniels,   Jagermeister,   Young Henry's,   HP,   Manning Cartel,   HTC,   Jameson,   Jack Daniels,   Bacardi,   Mountain Dew,   KFC,   7Eleven,   Expedia

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