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Sofia Eev


Jersey City,United States



Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Online Workshop,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

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Nicole Payne


| 02-Aug-2023

Sofia was hired to do residential sidewalk art for an event. She is very responsive and kept communication fluid as needed. She has a keen attention to detail; we agreed on a mock up, she took feedback very well and the end product ultimately exceeded my expectations. She is professional and pleasant to work with. I will be using her services again and would recommend her.


Whitney W


| 31-Jul-2023

Sofia brought the vision I had for an important piece of our event to life with ease and speed. She was a pleasure to work with and was unflappable when it came to making revisions. I would gladly work with her again and recommend her to anyone in need of signage, especially at the last minute. Thank you, Sofia!!


Jeff TRC


| 20-Dec-2022

Great artist; very responsive and easy to deal with!

Self-taught letterer, muralist, and Jack of all trades. I’ve always had an eye for fonts, so I gravitated towards graffiti at a young age. From my background in graffiti and street art, I developed my love for lettering. I turned my (self-taught) lettering skills into a career in 2016 when I became a professional sign painter. Lettering is an art of precision and rules, and I take pride in creating clean, unique, eye-catching pieces. I painted protest murals in the streets of NYC during the protests of summer 2020. My pieces have been featured in Esquire Russia, as well as various street art and social justice blogs and magazines. Most of my work is a combination of west coast flair with clean lettering, with a wide range of artistic styles. ---------------------------------- BOOKING POLICIES: * Deposits and appointments: * 1. A 30-50% nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your appointment and to move forward with the project. 2. When paying the deposit, please select "Release to Artist." Please do NOT put the payment on hold/in escrow. 3. Booking a project with a short turnaround requires that you pay your deposit immediately upon receiving the offer letter (invoice). * Mock-ups, Sketches, Design Processes: * 4. No mock-ups or sketches will be done until the deposit is paid and released to the artist.  * Communications, Etc. * 5.  If I don't receive communication about a project within 48 hours of my last message, I reserve the right to remove the project from my dashboard, which removes your ability to message me about it on this site. * On-Site Consultations: * 6. On-site consultations will incur a small fee that must be paid prior to the site visit. The fee will apply toward your project total when you book the project by paying your deposit. * Booking Deadlines: * 7. Whenever possible, please book your project at least 14 days in advance of your appointment and/or deadline. This is critical for smooth design and planning processes. 8. Booking a project with a short turnaround (14 days or less) may require you to be more flexible about the design process and execution, to allow the artist to meet your deadline. This may involve foregoing the mock-up process, allowing the artist to utilize supplies that are on hand (whenever time does not allow to go buy new supplies before your project deadline), etc. Short turnaround projects may require compromise from both the artist and the client. * Budget Accommodations: * 9. If, after receiving my quote, you determine that it is outside of your budget, I may work with you on scaling the project to meet your budget. This may involve eliminating aspects of the design process (to reduce design hours), adjusting the design so that it takes less time and/or resources to execute (to reduce labor hours and supply costs), etc. Budget accommodations may require compromise on both ends, and we can work together to determine the direction of a budget project. Please reach out if you have any questions!

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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Lettering, graffiti, murals, fine art

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Free the Kids Mural
Que Descanse en Paz Vanessa Guillen
Luz Gonzalez Tribute Mural


Professional sign artist with Trader Joe’s NYC flagship store since 2016.



Worked with the following major brands:

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