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Art is the best coping skill I have ever used in my entire life I've always been aimed and focused and somehow I've always had art class since 6th grade that deemed me with some type of media to express a period of my life. I have done 3D art murals interpretation sculptures more mobiles anything I can think of creativity was just flowing out of me the harder situations would get by the more tense or stressful they would seem I would lose myself with three ink pins in a blank sheet of paper and come out with some totally unfiltered unique piece that everybody wanted to either look at take a picture of or try to buy for me. I look at my art as a compliment or a token of my inspiration on my knees if I find a creative spark on edge from somebody I'll give him the peace without them knowing that I use there intellect or their support of me being creative with them without knowing it. I have five kids and I always inspire them and encourage them to follow whatever takes them to a level of complete satisfaction. I cater to indulging in their skills and their talents whether it be intellectually astounding or creatively off the charts. Art's always been in my life it's been in my family it's and everything I see and do it's the way I speak a lot of times and when I complete a piece that means something to me I can look at it and discard it with no harm done or insignificance to it. Artist my best coping skill it's what I look for when I can't handle or I can't process or I don't want to understand the simple dynamics of life that tailspin either for me or against me it is one of my strongest attributes that radiates off of me. When I give or show someone what I'm composing I give him the background of what the piece really means to me and how I collaborated and conveyed that without having to dissect it in take the full meaning out of it I've had a lot of peers respectfully asked me for the signature piece or a custom drawing of their liking. The desired effect is somewhat of a high tolerance for me I get like a writer's block and get to close to the project and I have to back off before I ruin my once immaculate piece into a blob of ink. So art has shown me a lot of balance a lot of self-care self-reflection inner strength inner beauty in a concepts that only I can understand and I try to convey in the best way possible so that it can be notably attention for how I see it and not what it was artist different perspective that you need to tell someone from your site depending on how much color you use they don't even need to ask how your day was.

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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Jobs that excite me or ones that come at the easy Flow easy to put on and it has a good vibe the whole time you're doing it

I'll sit these ones out :-

Constrictive very planned out no space for creativity

Howling night
Game recognize game
Starting piece
Warriors honor
Dont trust
To blue


It hasn't been broadcasted from my perception



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