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Body Artist

15 Years

Just recently won 1st place becoming Champion at Art Battle:Oakland and advancing to the regional championship. Have been drawing for over 30 years and painting for over 20 years. I can paint or draw just about anything and slowly found my own unique style over the years. I'm a mixture of surrealism, abstract, impressionism, and pop art all mushed together with street art and graffiti vibes. Painted my 1st mural in Lilac Alley in SF and instantly became addicted. The curator then gave me another Wall and another. I'm always looking for something to paint. It's my therapy. I am even trying to push Custom Basketball Courts in driveways and backyards. So many ideas I want to see come to life, just need a place to splash my thoughts. I have an incredibly vivid imagination that is constantly churning. Not only with paint but I like to build, create, and invent constantly and have a thirst to leave my mark on this planet while I'm still here.

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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