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The Line Girl in United Kingdom

The Line Girl

The Line Girl

London,United Kingdom



Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Live painting events,Interviews

Body Painters

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Louisa McFarlane


| 26-Apr-2022

Amazing artist. Lovely human :) Really professional and worked hard to get the piece just right for our specific requirements. Worked incredibly fast and the end results are stunning! Thanks so much for everything!

The Line Girl is a queer multidisciplinary artist that uses Collage, drawing, installation and performance to explore the infinite subject of ‘Lines’. Challenging the idea of the infinite and the ephemeral she leaves no boundaries or preference on her choice of canvass, her work can range between the inanimate to the conscious beings. Having a wide range of exploration within her work, she still holds onto the consistently deliberate and organic fluent notion of the linear structure, which is pivotal to her ongoing exploration of a 'simple' subject.

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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Dalston Penthouse
Between the lines in red
Dalston Penthouse
Between the lines in Black and White
Outside the frame
Dalston Penthouse
The Artist Essentials
Studio 9294 Mural
Held Tight
Line Girl Shirts
Studio 9294 Mural
Gentle Touches
Line Girl Ceramics
She Bar London
A dance for you and I
Art of Patrón bottle
Kin 2000 mural
Looking through the stories we created
1431 Lines in Motion
Barge East London
My Love
The Factory London
Lets stay in this moment together
The Factory London
My Sunshine
The Other Art Fair Entrance Hall
Holding On
The Other Art Fair Entrance room
If only this could be forever
Toilet cubicle for Netflix London office
Toilet Cubicle for Netflix London office
The Spot Club Manchester
Sentimental Hearts
Shop Front
When the world is quiet
Outside shop mural
The joys of letting go
Line Toilet
Tribute to Killing Eve
The Line Girl
A brief moment in time
Lost Rivers Old Street
Held by you
Deebsday Festival
Curious Arts Festival
Curious Arts Festival
London Bridge Rooftop
512 Club
Blighty India Cafe
Art of Patrón
London Bridge Rooftop
London Bridge Rooftop




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