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Michael Phillips in Australia

Michael Phillips


Peppermint Grove,Australia



Workshops,Interviews,Online Workshop,Live painting events,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Total years of experience:


5 Years

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Erin.arvidson E


| 27-Oct-2023

Michael is lovely and meticulous. There is an artistic joy and intent in his art. He is inclusive for people to get involved (even young children!!) We love our art!


Rhys Johnson


| 26-Oct-2023

Michael was great to work with and has done an amazing job with our mural. Working in and nearby a playground in our Holiday Resort, Michael was more than happy to talk with kids and parents while working and has achieved an amazing result. We love the mural, it adds to our business and have had lots of positive guest feedback since its installation. We can highly recommend Michael for other works.


Shaun Mays


| 08-Feb-2023

Can't recommend Michael enough. Was very responsive and listened to our suggestions. Did a great job repurposing a pre painted background. He was quick and very professional. We love the result and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!


Chris Polmear


| 12-Jan-2023

Michael gave our child care centre wall a new lease of life. Using local wildlife he transformed our washed out wall to a work of art. Fantastic and we are located next to a local park so many people get to enjoy the artwork.


Amy Klein


| 08-Sep-2022

We are SO happy with Michael's work. He was great to work with, professional and passionate. We've had great feedback on his mural and it integrates into our restaurant design beautifully. I would highly recommend Michael and we would love to use him again fort future sites :)


Mike van Doorn


| 11-May-2022

Michael is a nice guy to deal with and very happy with his work!

I paint bold, minimalist murals. I develop designs using a geometric grid, similar to patchwork quilt patterns. This approach allows for striking, yet simple figures that can be painted at any scale. I have developed a vast collection of local flora and fauna designs that can be used as a starting point for new projects. My approach is organised, efficient and affordable. I can also facilitate a collaborative painting process to involve others such as friends, family or local community.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

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Playground scene
signage hairdresser
Pocket park mural
Osprey Conference room in the WOTSO Centre Mandurah
Pots sign
Zambrero Mexican Restaurant
mural workshop
Motorbike frog
smooth-billed anu
Wetlands scene for an early learning centre
Animals Promenading
local flora and fauna wall
Wetlands scene
Zambrero Mexican Restaurant
Community mural
semi-arid flora and fauna of Northeast Brazil mural
Willie Wagtail
wetlands scene
wetlands scene
Geometric Floral Awning
Flora and fauna of the northeast of Brazil
Mangrove birds
spotted dog




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