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Yoko Kikuchi


| 19-Oct-2023

Ujala produced an embroidery portrait of my daughters. I am so impressed with her art work, it is amazing and beautiful and I love it very much. Her style is pretty unique, I've never seen art like this before. I can see that Ujala put a lot of time and hard work into this project. I highly recommend Ujala for your next project.


Damien Talty


| 20-Apr-2022

I would thoroughly recommend Ujala if you need her to create a unique piece of art at a very good price point. Ujala is very prompt with answering any questions you have and always meets timeframes. When she says she will complete work by a certain time she does it. Even over this Easter Long Weekend Ujala spent her public holiday Monday completing an artwork for my dog Sammy and it was not something that was time critical, but she did it anyway. I got Ujala to work on 4 projects, 3 were based around creating an original design around a motorbike and my dog Sammy and just 1 solo job for my personal use which involved Sammy. I will upload 2 of these versions as these will be the main ones I will use going forward.

My name is Ujala. My initial education was in pre medical but my inborn passion was inclined towards arts, it is said that the man proposes and God disposes. Same happened with me. I was destined to follow my fate in arts and was selected by NCA in textile. Where I learned that thread as a medium is as beautiful as traditional paint. So as an artist of 20th century I was inclined to break the monotonous use of thread and paint respectively and morphed them together to create uniqueness. So initially I practiced with thread medium with other textile techniques, Embroidery as one of them and developed a technique where I can draw a portrait with simple running stitch creating depth with thread manipulation. I admire the simplicity in arts and always kept it real and minimum through color and texture. I also do graphite and watercolour portraits . On commissions i have done numerous family and individual portraits . Every single day I practice my art and get inspired to improve more and be the best in what i do . I have done some exhibitions with fellow artist in Pakistan ,i am currently associated with two galleries in Pakistan but love to express myself in Australia as well .

Pick me for these projects! :-

I get really inspired by new and unorthodox light and composition settings. I look forward to working with other artists and learning and growing with them. Want to use my talent as my expression of human soul. Want to honour hardworking people and different social issues around the world

I'll sit these ones out :-

Restriction over self expression and copying another art or artworks

Mustang 1969
Embroidered Portraits
Mercedes 1934
Anarkali Twins
Sultan rahi
Abdul Sattar Edhi
Frida kahlo


BA Textile Design
Senior textile designer 2014- 2020
Independent artist from 2020



Worked with the following major brands:

I have worked with two of the big galleries of Pakistan in Lahore ,  which is the hub of art
Hamail gallery and Artbliss gallery
Along as a designer i have worked with three major fashion brands as Bareeze ,  Warda and limelight

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