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Kamelia Dennaoui


| 24-Mar-2024

Kitt was amazing. Fuss free, ready to take on a challenge, and got the job done within the day. I absolutely love how the star mural turned out.


Rosalie Chung


| 15-Jan-2022

Kierah is a talented young lady. Although she is new to mural wall painting, it might take time for her to learn and experience. Kierah is definitely easy to communicate with. I love the project how it turn out! Thank you so much, Kierah. Great job!


Georgina Docherty


| 22-Dec-2021

Kierah was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Very professional, organised and punctual. She has captured our beloved dogs beautifully with this fun painting that all the family and friends can enjoy going forward…..already a great talking point! Thanks kierah! ????

Note: Studying a Bachelors Degree, so Availability limited during term. Painter + Illustrator with 9 years experience. Digital and Traditional Mediums. Practiced in realism but generally more comfortable making works that are simplified, experimental and little bit fun. Ready and excited to work with you to make something awesome.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

Pick me for these projects! :-

I love jobs that emphasise fun, fluidity, contrast and colour. My work is generally Experimental and playful at heart.

I'll sit these ones out :-

The more realistic you want the piece to be,   the longer it will take me. Things that are little more loose,   cartoony,   messy are easier to finish in your limited time line. Sometimes I can pull of hyper-realism in a day,   but not always,   and though I will do my best to make you a piece that is beautiful,   if you want something that looks very real it will cost you more in time and money.

Simple White Line Dinosaur Christmas Window Mural for Finki Handmade Northcote
Polymer clay hand sculpture
New Year Display
Melbourne Mueseum Whale Plein Air
Life Drawing
Sylised digital portrait painting
Graphic line art night and day mural
Funny Cat Digital Painting
Burger Pony
Merry Cheesemas
David Hockney in a Gold Fish
Life Drawing
Digital caricature
Lunch Babe
Black starry night backbround for Prexisting Rocketship
Digital painting portrait illustration
Smurfette sphinx
Dunlop Space Christmas Window
Ernie And Child
Life Drawing
Race car yaya
Horny Jail
Christmas Pigeon at Source Bulk Food Brunswick
Rat Fairy
3D printed pink statue of liberty
Christmas Dinosaurs
Gallery Life Drawing
Ink portrait from photo
Tatts illustration piece
High Tea Window Mural for High Tea Brunswick
Goblin Girlfriend
3D sculpted and printed Multi limb antique anatomical model
Mewwy Christmas
Life Drawing with Iris Elgar as Maude King
Kye Portrait
Simple style Portrait illustration
Christmas Cow Cheese Store Window Sydney Road
Pumpkin Patch
3 meter tall cardboard dinosaur
Space Christmas Window Mural for Dunlop Brunswick
Blade Runner Comic Study
Brother Blue
Dunlop Astronaut Window
X Files Redesign Character Illustration
Happy New Year Window Sydney Road
Giraffes Kissing Digital Valentines Illustration
Goldfish Window
Gallery Maps Graphic Design work
Christmas Cats Window
Ink shoe illustration
Cowboy Godzilla


Four Years of Fine Art Undergrad


Lester Portraiture Prize 2020 Emerging Artist Prize.
NGVWA Award for artistic excellence


Toddlarpillar show,   Beinart Gallery.
My little Phony,   Thisisnotatoystore.
OPEN LIVE DRAWING,   George Paton Gallery.
Art Gallery of WA,   The Lester Portraiture Prize 2020.
The Motley Bauhaus,   Revisitied,   2019.

Worked with the following major brands:

7 Years of Festive Art on Windows Mural Painting with Sydney Road Council.

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