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Cult Of Rae in United Kingdom

Cult Of Rae


London,United Kingdom


Workshops,Interviews,Live painting events,Tattoo Design,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals

Total years of experience:


10 Years

I’m a queer, neurodivergent artist who has worked with Vans, Nike Sb, T’Art, Alternative Londkn, the Schwules Museum (Berlin), Doyenne and many more clients across the world, including local councils, music venues, skateparks, bars and cafes and more. I use marker pens, spray paints and acrylic paints to create positive, joyful pieces that represent a diverse range of characters and settings - usually inspired by nature, queer culture, body positivity, representation and inclusivity. I also work with schools and communities to create mural workshops, installations had collective art pieces too. I’ve been featured in Huck Magazine, Tottenham Community Press, BBC News, Thrill Magazine and more, for my beautiful and celebratory artworks, my pioneering themes me content no my work with communities and brands.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

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Warehouse Solstice Celebration
The Magician
Spray paint workshop
Stairway to heaven
Bodies Jacketv
Printed piece for T’art Magazine
Sea of Love
Body Movingb
Grow Tottenham Wall of Love
Girlhood Album artwork
Fountayne Courtyard
Fountayne Road
Grow Tall
Vans Checkerboard
Overbury Night
Overbury Day




Worked with the following major brands:

Vans,   Nike Sb,   Schwules Museum,   Grow Tottenham,   Haringey Warehouse District

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