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Daniel Salido de Juan in United Kingdom

Daniel Salido de Juan


London,United Kingdom


Total years of experience:

I am an expert at encouraging creativity while simultaneously teaching solid technical skills. Backed by a Master’s degree in art, my speciality is in painting and drawing. My work attendance has been excellent. As you will see from my resume, my artistic expression covers the entire spectrum, from drawing in charcoal, to painting in watercolours, acrylic, clay modelling and many other kinds of art work as well. “ The city is an eternal reference of landscape, second nature that raises above the ground, lying under the sky and merges, serene, with the profiled line, sometimes barely sketched, the horizon. A huge panorama cheating on the distance, neatly ordered by traffic lines for electric lights tended by small intangibles points parading through the streets. But each stroke opens an artery on the map. The man there, submerged, guess always invisible, creator of that giant who seems asleep, lost in the mists of the morning, changing between sunset leftovers. The city vibrates with the lights of the day and turns his excesses at night, but from a distance remains quiet; is an artificial mountain where every light, every window, every stroke hides a secret. With this series of cityscapes the artist portrayed as diverse cities like Madrid, London or Los Angeles, each linked to his personal experience. They appear punctual drawed under different lights, concentrated at moments. Are the moments when these giants are revealed in their metamorphosis, in his strange happening, in their noise, beautiful, incessant movement.” Oihana Casas

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Master's Degree (M)2 of Arts (MA),   Doctorate course,   Seville University,   2001 .
Lecturer at fine arts faculty,   Seville University,   2001.
Graduate Certificate (PGCert) of Teaching Competence,   Seville University,   2001.
Art High Degree,   Seville University,   1995-2000


National award of painting Forum,   Contemporary Art Fair,   Seville,   Spain.


2016 Sky Art TV Channel,   selected for tv show: Landscape artist of the year,   Heat: Stowe. London https://youtu.be/1cqvpnIfdqs
2012 Oyarkandal Hall,   exhibition,   Ubeda,   Spain.
2009 Pintor Elbo Hall,   individual exhibition,   Ubeda,   Spain
2006 Association of Architects,   Jaen,   Spain
2005 College of managers and accountant. Jaen,   Spain
2004 Show Room Art II,   Show Room Art III,   Show Room Art IV,   Jorge Ontiveros Gallery,   Madrid.
2003 Vanguard and Tradicion,   Santo Domingo Museum,   Cifuentes,   Guadalajara. Show Room Art exhibition,   Azteca Gallery,   Madrid.
2002 Oyarkandal Hall,   exhibition,   Ubeda,   Spain.
2001 Second award of painting Forum,   Contemporary Art Fair,   Seville,   Spain.
Mixed Techniques in the Interpretation of the Landscape Exhibition,   Seville,   Spain. Corredor Verde del Guadiamar,   Junta de Andalucia,   Seville,   Spain.
XV Emilio Ollero Award Exhibition for painting,   Jaen ,   Spain.
2000 Contemporary Art Workshops Exhibition,   Ubeda,   Spain.
1993 Young Artists Show,   Hospital de Santiago Congresses and Exhibitions Palace,   Ubeda,  Spain.
1989 Paintings Exhibition,   Casa de la Tercia Hall,   Ubeda,   Spain.

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