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EAZY ONE in Suisse


Eazy One - Adrien



Live painting events,Canvas commissions,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Tattoo Design,Interviews,Workshops

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Hello, I am Eazy One, freelance graffiti artist and graphic designer. Passionate and influenced by the different styles of graffiti of the 90s and pop culture, I started in graffiti at the age of 12. I then pursued artistic studies and at the same time created an artistic collective with friends. Over the years, I have developed a hybrid style mixing graffiti art and graphic design giving a more contemporary aesthetic. My great artistic sensitivity, my avant-garde ideas allow me to deliver with quality and reliability all types of graphic creations and also to realize works of art and unique frescoes to beautify and color your spaces and provoke emotion to passers-by. I use a wide range of different techniques: computer, paint cans, stencils, drawings, posca markers, brushes, collages, ink. Concerned about the environment, I use water-based sprays and I constantly seek to reduce the environmental impact of my creations. Bonjour, Je suis Eazy One, artiste graffeur et graphiste indépendant. Passionnées et influencés par les différents styles de graffitis des années 90 et la culture pop, j'ai débuté dans le graffiti à l'âge de 12ans. J'ai ensuite poursuivi des études artistiques et parallèlement crée un collectif artistique avec des amis. Au fil des années, j'ai développé un style hybride mélangeant l’art du graffiti et le design graphique donnant une esthétique plus contemporaine. Ma grande sensibilité artistique, mes idées avant-gardistes me permettent de délivrer avec qualité et fiabilité tous types de créations graphiques et également de réaliser des œuvres d’arts et fresques unique pour embellir et colorer vos espaces et provoquer l’émotion aux passants. J’utilise un large éventail de techniques différentes : ordinateur, bombes de peinture, pochoirs, dessins, marqueurs posca, pinceaux, collages, encre. Soucieux de l’environnement, j'utilise des sprays à base d’eau et je cherche constamment à réduire l'impact environnemental de mes créations.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

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Marketing agency mural
Throw Up X Eazy One on canvas
Graffiti car Honda
baby yoda
Car graffiti Cupra
Abstract Neo Graffiti
Dolphin Mural
Live Painting at the Pachamama Connexion Festival
Cherry Tree and swiss mountain with a dog house
Mural Flower Nature
Dogs Mural
Mural One piece Manga
Mural in a Japanese restaurant
Decoration graffiti branding on car
Deco Graffiti on car
Mural Nature Tiger and Ara in a Garden
Mural Nature Tiger and Ara
Trompe oeil Graffiti New York city
Graffiti barber Shop
Dragon Ball Z Mural
Graffiti Statue of Liberty
Vegetal wall fresco in a cafeteria
Fusion vegetal mural
Abstract Graffiti on a Car
Graffiti Decoration on the Aigues Vertes Village Container
Live Painting at Transforme Festival
RESPECT PEACE Mural Wall in Charmilles
Creation of a mural wall with plants in the garden of a house
Mural Grow with love
Graffiti footballers child bedroom
Mural for a tile company
Mural for a tile company
Mural of tiling profession
Graffiti Mural Fresco Openspace NewJob
Graffiti Mural Fresco Openspace NewJob
The Teddys Bar
Graffiti Storefront Sneaker Store
Gym Fitness mural
Cofigest Mural
Pokemon Mural
Woman Mural
Medusa Mural
Beer Time Mural
Hibiscus Stencil Murals
Star wars murals
Eazy One Lettering
Eazy One
Mural à la pointe




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