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Noelle Deraco is an italian-argentine artist based in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in realistic drawings employing graphite, pastels and ink techniques. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 8th, 1995. At five years old, her family relocated to Barcelona where she has been residing ever since. Her work is primarily focused on creating and giving light to people with unconventional features or characteristics that are usually outside of what is considered a canon of beauty as a reference. Exploring strong emotions such as rejection, marginalization, abandonment, exclusion, longing, grief and illness. She is displeased with the views imposed by society and colonialism to what is considered to be healthy, acceptable or beautiful. She is also a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Family portraits, tattoo designs

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Nsfw or religious oriented

Lightning Bolts
Lightning Bolts
Going With The Flow
Portrait commission for wedding gift
Portrait commission - Willy
Portrait commission - Omy & Jacky
Portait commission - Ginger & Riley
Tattoo design - Phobia
Tattoo design - Meg Myers
Tattoo design - Shaun Morgan
Tattoo design - Mallu




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