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How does an artist differ from a designer? A designer thinks rationally, is guided by reason, and an artist - by feelings, and the worst abusive definition for an artist is “design”. My work acquaints viewers with my view of the duality of the world. If our universe is the result of the interaction of world forces of order and chaos, divine and demonic, masculine and feminine principles, then in the work of each artist it manifests itself in different ways. So spontaneously folded collages become the equivalent of a chip or passport data, and sees the duality of this phenomenon, turning his personal view into a picture. I use images from the Internet to reflect on the human condition and seek a deeper and more lasting solution, trying to explain and eliminate the root cause of all suffering, which is good and evil, the so-called human conditions. Competitive, selfish and aggressive behaviour of people brings with it a gap between consciousness, roles and relationships, and they, of course, are somehow connected with the fact "what have we lost?" "Why are we in the Internet space?" I'm looking for faces, expressions, and relationships between “online people” to tell a story. I don't always know what the story is, but I trust my instinct. Key themes are freedom, consciousness, the brain. Sometimes they are riddled with threats or loss or questions about roles. Going through the found photos to the raw data that catches my eye, I try not to ask why I am attracted to something, and just work with it to find out. The photographs that have found amaze me after they have been slightly processed in Photoshop with their mysterious faces or figures that I use in my paintings. They tell stories about a certain role of a person, which is unknowable, difficult, deep. I am amazed at the intricacies and intricacies of human expressions that are often misinterpreted and distorted. Deconstructing photography gives me momentum and a heightened sense of perception and attention. Multinational Citizen - Russian, Iranian, English Artist from Manchester. My paintings primarily focus on human connections and expressions across multiple media. My cultural and economic background offers an exciting and fresh perspective on portraits.

I paint my designs that have been created after working with the clients

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