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Alexandra in New Zealand



Auckland,New Zealand



Tattoo Design,Custom designs for wallpapers or decals,Canvas commissions

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Tayla Roberts


| 01-May-2024

I posted a job with 6 different references all with a similar vibe. Alexandra messaged to say she could do this for $750 for the clouds only - I didn’t want any animals or other details. We booked in fairly quickly and she was punctual and very friendly. She showed me one of the ref pictures I used (attached) to confirm what I wanted. As she started she was asking me how it was and if it needed more. I said great thinking she was getting the outline together. Not much changed and she was asking me what else it needed, this kind of made me uncomfortable because I’m not an artist and I have no idea what it needs to create the vision, hence hiring an artist. After realising she was finished (under 2 hours) I’m feeling awkward but thanked her and she left. The next day I messaged her apologising for my bad communication but I’ve reflected and I’m not happy with the project as it looks nothing like the references. Understandably she was confused as I had thanked her, said goodbye and paid. She asked me what I would like her to do where I asked her to come back and finish. She agreed that it doesn’t look like the reference but because I said okay and thanked her on the day that she’s satisfied with her work so I assume she won’t be returning as I haven’t had another response after 5 days.

Hi, my name is Alexandra. I have started to paint in 2018 and was full of excitement from the process. I have finished studying in an airbrush school in Russia the same year. And that’s how a new stage of my life began. The stage I call “ I’m an artist!” Now I paint and draw on everything that is nearby: furniture, clothes, canvas, metal and wooden surfaces, digital art. I like to mix medias and techniques, I use airbrush, sprays, brushes and other instruments, depending of the specific task. I love to transform urban environment by painting grey walls to colourful ones. I’m always ready to make your idea come true or to suggest you one if needed. I’m ready to travel and interested in new challenges.

I do not mind replicating an existing design

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