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Art by Love in United Kingdom

Art by Love


West Midlands,United Kingdom


Total years of experience:

My name is Love :) (Lyubov` which means Love in Slavic languages, hence the Name). I love nature, animals and I also love to draw. I believe it is a great mix of passions. Each of my drawings is made with love whether it is a tiniest little sketch or full drawings. And it is a great pleasure being able to catch the characters and emotions of animals as well as other living things. I am working using coloured pencils and pastels. Although I had some great experience with oil and watercolours. All the materials I use are professional grade and designed for archival. I had the privilege to successfully take part in a competition charity event three-time which was organised by Explorers Against Extinction which aims to protect endangered species. For three years in a row, my drawings were selected for a collection of 100 and last two years also to the dozen finalists of 2020/2021. This year I am honoured to join an Invitational Collection 2022. Also SAA competition finalist "Artist of the year" 2021 and 2022

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Bright Morning
An endangered female crowned lemur Eulemur coronatus
Mr Chavez
Winter is here
The part of the garden
Baiba and Elfa
Summer Joy
Keel-billed Toucan window decoration
Minnie the Labradoodle
The catch
Make a wish
Oh Boy
Queens of the Commonwealth
The Harvest
Queens of the Commonwealth
Dreaming of a bright future
Tele and his superpowers
Looking forward
Scotty and Charlie


Pet and Wildlife Artist
Self-taught fine artist,   realism


Three years in a row my works were picked for the collection of 100 chosen by the selection panel (Gary Hodges and Alison Nicholls assisted by the trustees) and then travelled with their tour exhibitions around the UK.
I also got shortlisted for a dozen of finalists for the years 2020 and 2021. This year I am honoured to join their Invitational Collection 2022.
Also SAA competition finalist "Artist of the year" 2021 and 2022.


The Island Gallery,   Bristol,   October 9-10,   2019
Harrogate Convention centre,   October 12-13,   2019
State Darwin Museum in Moscow,   Russia,   May 13 - June 14,   2021
The Crypt gallery,   Norwich,   Sketch for Survival exhibition,   October 31 - November 2,   2019/ 2020/ 2021/ 2022
The Royal Geographical Society,   London,   November 14,   2019/ 2020/ 2021/ 2022
Gallery@OXO,   London,   Sketch for Survival exhibition,   11-22 November 2020/ 2021/ 2022
Sketch for Survival Exhibition,   Dundas Street Gallery,   Edinburgh,   October 2022
London Olympia,   2020,   3 – 6 November 2022
Society of Artists gallery,   Nottingham,   SAA’s Artists of the Year exhibition,   September 2021/2022

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