Vibrant Strides in Motion by Navya Singh in Noida

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Vibrant Strides in Motion by Navya Singh in Noida

Vibrant Strides in Motion

In this captivating oil painting, the dynamic energy of a galloping horse is captured with breathtaking precision and artistry. The magnificent equine form, rendered with impeccable detail and lifelike accuracy, charges forward with vigor and grace, commanding attention and admiration. The horse, its features meticulously defined, exudes strength and vitality with every brushstroke. Muscles ripple beneath its sleek, glistening coat, conveying a sense of power and motion. The mane and tail, depicted in flowing strokes of oil paint, seem to dance in the wind, adding a sense of dynamic movement to the composition. Against a backdrop of multicolored hues created with the textured strokes of a knife, the horse emerges as a focal point of vibrant contrast. The background, a symphony of colors blending and melding in abstract patterns, creates a vivid and dramatic setting that enhances the dynamism of the horse's motion. The artist's skillful use of oil paints brings depth and dimension to the canvas, with the horse almost leaping off the surface in a burst of energy. Each stroke of the knife technique used for the background adds layers of texture and visual interest, providing a striking juxtaposition against the meticulously detailed equine form. The painting captures not just the physical beauty of the horse but also the essence of its spirit—a symbol of freedom, strength, and untamed vitality. It's a testament to the artist's ability to portray both precision and emotion, evoking a sense of awe and admiration for the majesty of this magnificent creature in motion.

Availability : Available

Medium : oil paint

Collection : nature,animals

Size: 32in (W) X 40in (H)

Price: INR12,000

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Noida, India

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